9 Ways to be a GREAT TEAM MEMBER





Amazing how all the core values are used in this newsletter!



9 Ways to Be a Great Team Member
While watching the Oscars I noticed that almost every award winner said they couldn’t have done it without their team, family, and the support of others. The fact is no one achieves success alone. We all need a great team to accomplish great things. We are at our best when we are surrounded by those who want the best for us and when we are bringing out the best in others. In this spirit I want to share 9 ways to be a great team member.

1. Set the Example – Instead of worrying about the lack of performance, productivity and commitment of others you simply decide to set the example and show your team members what hard work, passion and commitment looks like. Focus on being your best every day. When you do this you’ll raise the standards and performance of everyone around you.
2. Use Your Strengths to Help the Team – The most powerful way you can contribute to your team is to use your gifts and talents to contribute to the team’s vision and goals. Without your effort, focus, talent and growth the team won’t accomplish its mission. This means you have an obligation to improve so you can improve your team. You are meant to develop your strengths to make a stronger team. Be selfish by developing you and unselfish by making sure your strengths serve the team.
3. Share Positive Contagious Energy – Research shows emotions are contagious and each day you are infecting your team with either positive energy or negative energy. You can be a germ or a big dose a Vitamin C. When you share positive energy you infectiously enhance the mood, morale and performance of your team. Remember, negativity is toxic. Energy Vampires sabotage teams and complaining is like vomiting. Afterwards you feel better but everyone around you feels sick.
4. Know and Live the Magic Ratio – High performing teams have more positive interactions than negative interactions. 3:1 is the ratio to remember. Teams that experience interactions at a ratio equal or greater than 3:1 are more productive and higher performing than those with a ratio of less than 3:1. Teams that have a ratio of 2:1, 1:1 or more negative interactions than positive interactions become stagnant and unproductive. This means you can be a great team member by being a 3 to 1’er. Create more positive interactions. Praise more. Encourage more. Appreciate more. Smile more. High-five more. Recognize more. Energize more.
5. Put the Team First – Great team players always put the team first. They work hard for the team. They develop themselves for the team. They serve the team. Their motto is whatever it takes to make the team better. They don’t take credit. They give credit to the team. To be a great team member your ego must be subservient to the mission and purpose of the team. It’s a challenge to keep our ego in check. It’s something most of us struggle with because we have our own goals and desires. But if we monitor our ego and put the team first we’ll make the team better and our servant approach will make us better.
6. Build Relationships – Relationships are the foundation upon which winning teams are built and great team members take the time to connect, communicate and care to build strong bonds and relationships with all their team members. You can be the smartest person in the room but if you don’t connect with others you will fail as a team member. (Tweet This) It’s important to take the time to get to know your team members. Listen to them. Eat with them. Learn about them. Know what inspires them and show them you care about them.
7. Trust and Be Trusted – You can’t have a strong team without strong relationships. And you can’t have strong relationships without trust. Great team members trust their teammates and most of all their team members trust them. Trust is earned through integrity, consistency, honesty, transparency, vulnerability and dependability. If you can’t be trusted you can’t be a great team member. Trust is everything.
8. Hold Them Accountable – Sometimes our team members fall short of the team’s expectations. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they need a little tough love. Great team members hold each other accountable. They push, challenge and stretch each other to be their best. Don’t be afraid to hold your team members accountable. But remember to be effective you must built trust and a relationship with your team members. If they know you care about them, they will allow you to challenge them and hold them accountable. Tough love works when love comes first. Love tough.
9. Be Humble – Great team members are humble. They are willing to learn, improve and get better. They are open to their team member’s feedback and suggestions and don’t let their ego get in the way of their growth or the team’s growth. I learned the power of being humble in my marriage. My wife had some criticism for me one day and instead of being defensive and prideful, I simply said, “Make me better. I’m open. Tell me how I can improve.” Saying this diffused the tension and the conversation was a game changer. If we’re not humble we won’t allow ourselves to be held accountable. We won’t grow. We won’t build strong relationships and we won’t put the team first. There’s tremendous power in humility that makes us and our team better.
In addition here are a few of my favorite sayings about being a great team member.

Your team doesn’t care if you are a superstar. They care if you are a super team member.

You have to work as hard to be a great teammate as you to do be a great player.

Many teams communicate but the great ones connect. Great teams form bonds of trust that strengthen relationships and the team.




HAVE FUN, is a core value of Drexel.  Super easy right?


Yet, sometimes I see people stressed out from our “busyness”… heads down…eyes flaming…shoulders burdened…and pressure building.  Or “whatever” has taken in.  I don’t see how I make a difference at Drexel.

Here’s some advice:


Your boss or gulp, even Joe,l can be a little bi-polar, intimidating or even worse over-bearing.  His “accountability” efforts and passion for making Drexel great have come across to you as crude or even worse.  It’s like they don’t even appreciate you sometimes or understand you.  Today maybe they need a little of their own advice.


Your customer has crazy demands and wants it not later but now.  So do 10 other customers.  Now.  It is all coming in a little too fast.


Today the weather has got you.  It’s rainy, snowing, icey, hot, cold, damp, windy, dusty.  Heck it’s Wisconsin this could all be in the same day.


You didn’t hit your goals.  Maybe you don’t even have any goals.   You let yourself of someone around you down.  You hit a road bump and failed.


Your teammate or vendor screwed up and made you look bad.

KICK THEIR ASS.  … Umm… Have fun anyways.


You want to be the best version of yourself don’t you?

Ultimately isn’t that why you are on this planet?  To be the BEST VERSION of you!

Doesn’t the best version have fun?


Most of the time you won’t be appreciated or recognized.  That’s OK.  Just keeping doing the work.  Keep making a difference.

You will never regret it. 


Drexel is changing the building supply world by


Seriously, what other of our competition has figured this out?  What vendor?  I can’t think of any!

This is our Iphone.  This is our Miller Lite.  Having fun is our game changer.

Simply we are telling the world–

“Have fun.  Work with us!” 




– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Since 1985, our business success has come from building others UP.










The shadows of the past often loom large.  You don’t just represent the present…  you are a culmination of the past, and hope for the future.  Your time is now, only because of the toils of past generations.

Life changes.

How often we don’t realize where we are is because of who brought us here.

But sometimes we can, and that perspective can be magical.

Nick Leist you see is the 8th generation of dispatchers at our mother ship in Campbellsport.

Nick and his family.

Nick and his family.

It is solely the most important position within our organization.  He is in control of the one thing we can control.   The one thing that adds true value to what we do.  Deliveries made in full and on time at our largest and founding location.

This is not to minimize any other position.  Billing, estimating, ordering, receiving, purchasing, design, service, installing, selling, and so much more is very critical as well.  And of course no location is more important than the other.

But the core of Drexel is our delivering and scheduling services…and it all started on Main Street in Campbellsport.

Everything we do that is right can be made horribly wrong by a delivery or install team arriving at the wrong time with the wrong product.   It takes a team of experts to make a load perfect, estimating, the right mix of product quality and price, certainly good service and good billing practices… but one person can make a huge mess out of all it.

Ultimately, it is in the scheduler’s/dispatcher’s hands to make us look good.

That is why the 8th generation of dispatchers is so closely fostered, trained and coached.  That person has to be just the right mix of saint and sinner, therapist and enforcer, mathematician and mechanic.  With a little magician throw in.

Here are the 8 that have had the reins of Team Blue in the last 30 years, all continue to work here except Dick who left this world much too young:


Albert Fleischman

Dick Dornacker

Scott Rosenthal

Joel Fleischman

Jay Enright

Eric Beck

Jake Junk

Nick Leist

Albert believed that we will NEVER say no to a delivery until every person in the company was on one or every truck was gone.  In 30 years we HAVE NEVER had a load that didn’t make it out because we ran out of time.


Which of course has led to many stories, including…

Kris Ballard (at that time Kris was the secretary and cabinet designer) taking out a load of 4’x’8′ styrofoam that peeled off the back of the truck like a deck of cards as she drove….

Starting to pull a delivery at 4:30pm on Friday July 3rd…and arriving home just in time for the fireworks in town…

Receiving material purchased from a freight train that ran off the railroad tracks…

Making deliveries by boat, helicopter, and by hand… to prisons, schools, churchs and countless more…

16 hour work days…

I’m sure most of us has a story like this, something we just HAD to do to please the customer.

We’ve delivered to Florida, Nebraska, and dozens of other states…we have done online sales to Alaska.  Our first delivery to Canada is starting next month.

And we will continue to do the un-doable….safely…on time…and complete…

When do you need it by?….and we will get it done by then.  The only thing stopping us is mother nature, and even then we win most of those battles.   We can and we will continue to BE the difference.

It’s simple really.  We are a logistics company.  Taking product from one truck on to the next.  Barb and the flooring team install it too.  At the core, that’s really all we do… we do make this small task, moving materials from one place to its last, fantastically hard!

History has taken us from no communication in any trucks, to a system where you called “base camp”, to beepers and pagers, to cell phones, and now to Drexel logistics.

Rosie, Carl, Benson, and Pigeon in front of Drexel logistics.  Captures a picture of all materials delivered and time driver arrived at site.

Pictured in front of Drexel logistics:  Rosie, Carl, Benson, and Pigeon in front of Drexel logistics.    Drexel Logistics captures a picture of all materials delivered and the time driver arrived at site.


Our current dispatchers and schedulers are:

Andy Feld, Kiel & Sheboygan Falls


Andy Krause (in yellow), Berlin


Ryan Michalak, Brookfield


Barb Wolf, Scheduler flooring and window treatment installs, Brookfield


Brendan Biller, Wrightstown


Thank you dispatchers, both current and past, for being the glue that holds the puzzle together.   And to all those that surround them… you are all part of what we do.  It is the daily “doing” that makes what we do so incredibly awesome.

Being on time and in full takes an army of blue.  Each of you make that delivery go perfectly, and currently we are doing it 92% of the time.  We will continue to improve.



– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Since 1985, our business success has come from building others UP.