We are in the very middle of State of Happiness.  Half of the team has heard from many of our leaders

on some exciting things happening.

We have shared our 2019 recap (a record year in many ways)

The future

And the “Whys” behind a few things we do.

An overall massive success and very motivating to be part of it each day.

But that is not the best way to motivate your team, and we can ALL motivate each other.



You CARE SO MUCH that you are hard on your team.  You know they can excel.

You must do that with relationships.  If you don’t know them, and know them damn well, laughed and cried with them, you haven’t EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE HARD ON THEM.  So that comes first.

But then you must strengthen the commitment to our mission to our processes by working 1 on 1 and holding people to the HIGHEST OF STANDARDS.  And then CELEBRATING when you see it happen.

So to recap how to build, lead, and grow a world class winning team:

A.) 1 on 1.  Get to know your team as friends and family!

B.)  BE BRUTUALLY HONEST AND CRITICAL.  Show them and challenge them to be the BEST.  Don’t settle for anything less from them.


I love the avengers series (and I don’t really like superhero stuff).  One big reason why… is they are HARD on each other.  But they do it, to save the world!  They call B.S. when they see it.  They are all very different, but work as one unit to save the world!




A quick one if you don’t have much time:

Speak life to others today. Share a kind word with everyone you interact with. You never know how much their soul might need it. “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” Proverbs 12:25

A deeper one:
Team, it appears to me HAPPINESS comes from fixing problems.  Think about it for a moment.  We are not happy being content.  It leads to frustration, boredom, laziness and worse.  Rich people worry about money.  Poor people worry about money.   Healthy people worry about their health.   Out of shape people worry about their health.  It’s not enough to be good at something to be happy.   Life’s problems, rather the fixing of life’s problems, bring us THE MOST happiness!
So be problem solvers!  Oh… but that is not that easy.  If it was we would all do this.
Here are some pitfalls to consider.
1.  Denial.   Thinking or saying things like… I don’t believe this is a problem.  I don’t believe we have a problem.  “It’s just the way this works.  It’s just the way it’s always been.”  I believe that is fear and/or laziness or honestly just not being self aware.   That’s why outside perspective and critical feedback ARE GOOD THINGS.
2.  Not MY problem.   Oh how I loathe this one.  Loathe.  I wish someone would fix it.   This is garbage, but whatever.  Somebody has to train me.  Someone has to fix this.   This part of my job is so frustrating I wonder why the captain, coach, downtown, doesn’t see my problem.  PEOPLE BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF!
3.  ENABLING.  The trickiest one.  So we are discussing how fixing a problem gives us joy!  And it does.  But if we are ENABLING and not fixing THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  This will spiral COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL ON YOU.  Be aware of the enablers.  HELP THEM CHANGE!  They love enabling it gives them JOY!  But makes things worse!  Oh, and do they hate to be told that, all the HELPING they are DOING is HURTING THE COMPANY.    They MEAN WELL but must be made aware that their energy should be going to THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, FIXING THE REAL PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL…. and that when that is done, they will find another ROOT problem.   We promise!