Nature is often my university.

I love native flowers. Wildflowers.

Here is a lesson they continue to teach me.

Saint Therese Lisieux spoke of this as well. This is hers, ours, and my story in my own words.

I’ve never seen a flower not want to be a flower.

They reach out and own exactly what they are. If they are seen by human eyes or not. If they are trampled, burned, put in a container, or used for a wedding ceremony. Each one plays a role. And loved by God.

We should accept who we are to the very best of our ability. Yes, not many of us are roses or lilies. But we are all a flower. We all can shine as bright as we can. We can all do it for Love.

In God’s love for us.

God loves every flower, even though they last only a few days. How much more he must love us.

We just must learn to just “be”. And know that role is important to God. To you. To everyone.

Amor Fati. Love of fate. A stoic term popularized by the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Now only to accept your fate but learn to embrace it. Embrace your path and the struggles that you will find in it.

Enjoy your own flower. Don’t long to be a different one. Or one that blooms earlier or later. You are your own chosen flower.

The next time you see wildflowers find the smallest ones. Adore it as if it was the only flower. They are each remarkable in their own way.

Now do that with humans. Adore each one. They are remarkable in their own way as well.

Love more,


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