JOHN KLEIN, Cabinetry Design & Sales Brookfield.

Takeaways from “Setting the Table” by Danny Meyer

Thanks John.  Congrats to John who just completed our Book Challenge.  Way to go…and GROW!

Wonderful things we can use this week.  Which one will you choose to help you?

Quotes I really liked:  

  • “Thanks for being here.”
  • “As long as we make it clear that we’re interested in knowing through active listening, most people are delighted to tell us exactly what they need.”
  • “I love your restaurants and the food is fantastic.  But what I really love is how great your people are. 
  • “Communicating has as much to do with context as it does content.”
  • “The biggest mistake managers can make is neglecting to set high standards and hold others accountable.”


  • Give people the chance to make someone day.
  • 49% job performance / 51″ emotional job performance.
  • Training for emotional skills is next to impossible.
  • We want people who naturally radiate warmth, friendliness, happiness and kindness.
  • Apply constant, gentle pressure.
  • Employees must understand that leaders are open-minded, accessible and welcome input.
  • Will this yield today dollars, tomorrow dollars, or never dollars. 
  • Become part of a neighborhood, not something imposed on it. 
  • Gather as much info as you can about your guests – ABCD
  • There’s no point in offering an average experience.
  • Invest in your community and the rising tide will lift all boats.
  • Feeling seen and acknowledged is a powerful and human need.