I did a post about my 12-year-old son, struggling to recover from a knee injury back in early February. His story is below.

I owe an update, and praise to GOD.

A little back story.

On October 9th, my son who is passionate about sports, broke his tibia in a complicated injury playing football.

A 3-5 month recovery we were told. He had complications. On February 2nd, we were told by a specialist he needed up to 3 more surgeries (making it 5) and would not say in a virtual meeting that he would ever run again.

We booked a trip to Colorado that would last 30 days with surgery and rehab. And that was just the start we were told.

Then God came in. Hundreds of people praying. Including our family. TRUST THE LORD. TRUST THE LORD.

He slowly… started healing. Slowly.

I had a dream. Yes, I am not a prophet or anything. And I am as skeptical of the dream as anyone, but it did happen. So it IS part of the story.

I don’t dream much, but in the middle of the night, I heard a voice, as clear as day, as if I was awake, “Your son does not need surgery. The healing has begun. Thanks to faith in God the healing has started.” (I know the words because I wrote them down after my dream.) I arose straight up, with a strength and calmness and adrenaline rush I have barely ever felt. My anxiety was gone. And I was mopped in sweat from head to toe as if I had just broken a fever. Again, it’s not the whole story, but it is a part. Was it God talking to me? I have no idea, and again, remain cautious that the Lord, Angel, Saint, etc.. spoke to me, but it did happen.

We switched the therapist and the therapy method. She had a completely different method.

We went to turmeric juice, fish oil pills, acupuncture, and kept praying.

Slowly… he started to heal.

We called off surgery. We called off the 3rd opinion we had scheduled. We didn’t go back to our original surgeon.

And week by week, every week without fail, he improved.


My friend, Father Mark Jones, says he has observed God sometimes works slowly with those that do not have patience. And boy does our family lack patience.

And we hung out. Ate every meal together. Bonded like we never have before. Grew out of basketball as our core activity, and became better people and a better family. My son has grown mentally stronger in so many ways.

AND YES HE IS WALKING. No crutch. He has a limp, but that is fading as well. We played basketball for 30 minutes last night. He is playing at recess (all-time pitcher in kickball for now he says). He is closer. Every week closer.

Here’s the crazy thing. We do believe it is a miracle. My 12-year-old short-sighted (as most 12 years old are) son, believes it is the opposite of a miracle, since 1) the injury wasn’t a miracle, and 2) the speed it healed is much slower than he was told. I believe it was a miracle. He got better. We learned a lot. Now we have to remember to GIVE THANKS at least to the intensity we prayed for healing!

I think often we ask for miracles and then receive it, or even something better, and then move on and forget to THANK THE LORD. It’s human nature I suppose, but what a great reminder! How sad that must make Him.

It will be a scar on his knee, but also a scar in his life. A reminder of what it is to be in a wheelchair, to be on crutches, to have bad news, to work for things much harder than most people have to. And like scars, I assume the memory will slowly fade.

A few things. We will never let sports run our life again. We won’t miss Grandma’s birthday because we are in a tournament. Things like that. You can be balanced.

Thank you God. Thank you to all those that prayed and continue to pray for us.

Is he “out of the woods” and back to “normal”? No. But he is CLOSE. Are we ever perfect? I didn’t know when to write this since he still has a bad limp… but it is time to write it. If not know, when?

Life doesn’t work in a perfect sequence.

That is why we must TRUST THE LORD in all things and ALL TIME.




  1. That’s AWESOME, Joel‼️ Thanks for sharing‼️

    Love and abundance, in all and for all.


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