You have a party planned. You organized all the lawn furniture and manicured the lawn. You even planned out the bonfire for later. All you have to do is light a match.

Then you see it. Far away at first. Maybe it’s not even a thing. You try to ignore it. It’s a storm cloud. You are sure. You can “feel it.” Well, you tell your positive self, sometimes these things just blow over. Sometimes they never reach your house. Sometimes they head a different direction.

What next, as I see it you have 3 choices:

  1. Cancel the party. Seems logical. Party gonna suck without that bag toss game you set up.
  2. Carry on as if it might pass. And it might. Just ignore it.
  3. Don’t cancel the party, but be prepared. Have a plan if that rain does come. Takedown the umbrellas before anyone even arrives.


Think of the party as Drexel. We are excited about the future. Where we are going. Where we are headed. We have done lots of planning. Spent a lot on decorations and improvements.

Think of the storm as the economy.

As you are working on orders, loads, building trusses, and focused on how can I handle my Monday…

I am the old uncle on the porch… hey a storm is coming, I can feel it.

Interest rates.


Slow down in manufacturing.

Instability of everything.

China lockdown.

It looks like it could be a doozer of a storm.

Tornado watches have been issued.

So, the party still goes on! We do not CANCEL. There will still be a party!

But we need to re-shift our FOCUS. We need to put the pre-drink beers down and tarp down the boat. Put the umbrellas away.

This doesn’t mean we sit in the basement scared. It does mean, we prepare!

What if we knew a WAR was looming, or a big fight?

WE WOULD TRAIN WITH PURPOSE AND INTENTION to be the best version of ourselves when it arrives.

We would finalize our plans, but not add more party ideas.

We would scale back the food, knowing less guests will arrive.

We will make sure it is amazing for the guests that do come with what we have.

And if the storm doesn’t come? Well, then rock and roll, we can always get the bag toss back out.

But if it comes… we won’t have to be frantic, panic, and lose our minds… we can keep going.

It’s a mind-shift. Most of you working here have never seen a STORM.

What should we discontinue that is “just the balloons” …

Most companies will be shocked when the storm hits. Lots of wet people. Lots of ruined party favors.

The veterans of Drexel job is to teach you that. To calm the waters. To be ready. To use history as our guide.

How much food (inventory) is now needed compared to what the RSVP said.

What is our core that we need to TRAIN ON. How can we be more prepared?

What incentives are actually Vanity > Quality

What incentives are having the opposite effect we want them to have? (Cobra effect)

What metrics are we using that are either not the correct ones, or are no longer worth it?

And lastly, how do we still have the party? What plans are not scrapped?

Remember the party is still happening. Do not worry or have fear.

We have always GROWN in a storm.

Hey grab me a beer by the way… we can still have fun while we prepare.

Pray for Sunshine!

Love more,


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