Last week a group of the top, the very Olympic Gold Champion top building suppliers in the nation visited us.  In Brookfield.  In Campbellsport.  In Kiel.  Held meetings at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake.  There were from all over the country.  Maine.  Oregon.  Vermont.  Michigan.

They took pictures.  Asked questions.  Gave us feedback.  I will share the very feedback they gave to us… I won’t summarize, I will use their words.  And often as we teach and open our doors, we also learn.

They are GOLD champions, each of them.  So being tweaked in your and their sport from a gold medal winner is intimidating, humbling, and inspiring!

Here we go and grow!

Jay, Arnold Lumber, Boston

Impressive.  Company Culture.  Supply Happiness motto was everyone.  Really needs paving!  Could do a better job on safety.

Ken Kuiken, Kuiken Lumber New Jersey

Difference in their people.  They certainly walk the walk.  The size of their location both good (for storage/staging) and bad (overload of inventory).   Too much paper.  I love the start load packets.

Mark, Hancock Lumber Maine

Core Values.  The way they celebrate and embrace them and display them.

Paul, Hancock Lumber Maine

Obviously the culture and the people we met.  So many great people.  Sweep the shed for the downtown team.  The intentional de-centralization of leadership.   I suggest you centralize the accounts payable.

Steve, Parr Lumber Oregon

The obvious cleanliness.  That they are so much more than a lumberyard.  Hardware outside and not inside.  Paving is needed.  Accounts payable centralized.  Accounts receivable at each location for the intimacy of the contractor relationship.

Mike, Parr Lumber Oregon

Cleanliness.  Work on Safety.

Matt, Arnold Lumber Rhode Island

The running theme, the language displayed and used “leaders”, “downtown”, “team members” shows you care.  Safety.

Dave, Arnold

The attention to little things.  Wearing a seat belt on a forklift is a safety DISCIPLINE.

Alison, Arnold

48 hour solution resolution is awesome.  1% for inside sales people, is an incredible tie in and shows team work.  The inviting counter top, counter set ups.

Tom, Kuiken, New Jersey

48 hour solution resolution is such a great tool.  The engagement with each other and us.  The sense of urgency that was happening.  You could tell they were on mission to do something.  The focus on all categories was great.  Safety.  Staging of loads was impressive.

Gary, TW Perry

The teamwork of account managers and their team.  Focused on “what we do and why we do it.”   The flat screens for communication.

Dana, Shepley Wood Products, Massachusetts

That we dedicate a full week to State of Happiness to educate all on what’s going on.  Proud of our spaces.  The food truck is so unique and special.  Doing it right!

Mike, Zeeland Lumber, Michigan

Culture in our language.

Rob, Zeeland

Clean.  Clean.  Clean.  Loved hearing about our “shu”.

Shane, Zeeland

Visual marketing was fantastic.  Couldn’t find a band on the ground… do we use bands? 😉  Our team’s names on the website.  Tangibly different and bettter.

Mark, Jackson

Consistency of looks from location to location, best practices systems in place.  Improve shipping areas.

Nick Kuiken, Kuiken Bros

Came in skeptical of the coffee shop but it does add to our culture, it is “what we do and what we are.”  Friendly staff, blue door people were very happy.

Ruth, Leader of Group

Departure from the norm.  Layout and space, could utilize even better.

Safety.  On Time.  In Full is the key to supply happiness… didn’t see the tie in.


Still reading?  THANKS!

How do we measure up with the champs?  About average.  Average margin.  Average sales.  Average sales per salesperson, average sales per team member.  Quite average.  Growth per year.  Average.

I love average.  ROOM TO GROW.  GOOD.