Do you acknowledge your happiness?

Often times, we don’t recognize our happiness in the moment but instead look back years later saying it was the happiest time of our lives.

Take joy in your current happiness, no matter how small.

What a sad thought of someone walking around happy and not even knowing it.

If you are looking for the perfect job, the perfect day, the perfect role, the perfect family, the perfect income, you will never find it… it doesn’t exist!


If you are always chasing your dream, you might not realize you are currently living it!


“So I conclude there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.” – Ecclesiastes 3:12



A bit more… The WORLD’S LARGEST shoe store is ON THE INTERNET… Shoes on-line?  I mean crazy… I have to try them on, I have to see them, what about returns, what if I don’t like them… I mean that’s kind of crazy right?  But does it and they do it amazingly well.

Zappos.. the world’s largest shoe store is 100% online and doing extremely well.  (It’s where I buy all my shoes.)  The owner of Zappos, wrote a book about how they did it…

The title… “Delivering Happiness”… I think that’s just awesome.  I think it is something we try to do at Drexel every day too.  Delivering Happiness.  Or wow. wow. wow. as we say here at Drexel.


– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Since 1985, our business success has come from building others UP.


TGIM!  Thank God it’s Monday!

If Duke or Wisconsin lose tonight, was their season still a success?  I think 100% yes.  They both have had great seasons and are the two teams left in a 68 tourney of champions chosen from 360 division 1 teams.

Do we celebrate success enough at Drexel?  I say… there is no such thing as celebrating a success too much.  And I am being 100% sincere when I state that.  Showroom clean, Success!  Smile on your face!  Success!  Make a mistake, realize your mistake, make the correction and move on, SUCCESS!

Life is not as black and white as a game.  In a game… You score more points you win.  Success!  In life and business, it is not quite as clear.

Each time we take an order it’s a success: Somebody thinks we are good enough that they will spend there money to buy from us.


For instance Joe from Wrightstown and their team unloaded upwards of 20,000 sheets of OSB last week.  All of it will be sold this Spring.  Did we pop champagne?  Sing Jump Around?  Of course not.  “It’s just our job.”  Well not really… possibly the largest buy and unload of OSB this year in Wisconsin.  I wouldn’t doubt that.  I say, way to go Joe, purchasing, sales, and the ap-ar that made that transaction seamless!  Success!

IMG_20150331_100859433_HDR IMG_20150331_100919062

As we roll into Spring, CELEBRATE PEOPLE.  Life at Drexel is good.  And successful.  Look around.  Do you see successful team members or losers?

Don’t diminish encouraging each other one.  It’s a great habit to get into.  A hi-five, a pat on the back, a quick smile, a “wow nice work”.  Just have fun with this career.  Sales, this business, it’s a giant game we are playing.  Have fun playing it.

Teams and organizations that focus on and celebrate success create more success. Success becomes ingrained in the culture and people naturally look for it, focus on it and expect it. That’s why certain football coaches and business leaders are always successful. They implement systems and principles that create a culture that celebrates and expects success and this drives behavior and habits that create successful outcomes.

Drexel does this as well as anyone.  We have team member of the week.  Beth sends out her “high margin” winners for the month… mid 30s and 40’s are common!  And much, much more.  We can even do more.  REMEMBER each ORDER, EACH PHONE CALL, EACH CUSTOMER IN OUR STORES, AND even EACH TEAM MEMBER that ROCKS that chooses to show up here most days… THAT IS A SUCCESS.

Why would we ever complain?  What good does it do?

Celebrate the small wins as much as the big wins. Celebrate successful projects and implementations.

Tomorrow will have enough worries.  Leave those worries for tomorrow.  Fear is vastly overrated.  Fear is also grossly overestimated.

Celebrate and build from each success.

– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Since 1985, our business success has come from building others UP.