It’s so obvious, yet so often never pondered.

Life. Ours. Yours.

7.7 billion people on a rock just spinning in orbit. You are 1 of them.

Perfect gravity. Not too much that we can’t move. Not too little that we fly off the rock.

Atmosphere. Green things give off oxygen we need. We human things, give off carbon dioxide they need.

The Milky Way we live in is 52,850 light-years big. That is so big we can’t use miles or anything. No, we use the years it takes LIGHT to travel from one end to the other.

There are about 100 billion galaxies.

That is 1,000,000,000.

Yeah, so …

The fact that the cabinet doors were backed ordered and the client wants to sue us and that is ruining your whole week is PERSPECTIVELY comical. It’s funny. We can’t just laugh it off, and say, “we are just a speck of dust on a speck of dust…” but yet…we need to take the emotions out of it…and handle it!

Oh, then add in TIME… Men and Women have covered this planet for thousands of years in historical data (thousands and thousands) and we MIGHT live for 100 years.



I got an e-mail from a long-lost high school friend this weekend. It didn’t take long for him to start bragging. Fleisch, you won’t believe my life!

I make love at LEAST once a day.

I read 2-3 books a week.

Work out daily.

Go to church often.

Prison isn’t all bad….


So this week… let’s take everything that comes in, and comes out of our thoughts and actions with PERSPECTIVE.






You have a party planned. You organized all the lawn furniture and manicured the lawn. You even planned out the bonfire for later. All you have to do is light a match.

Then you see it. Far away at first. Maybe it’s not even a thing. You try to ignore it. It’s a storm cloud. You are sure. You can “feel it.” Well, you tell your positive self, sometimes these things just blow over. Sometimes they never reach your house. Sometimes they head a different direction.

What next, as I see it you have 3 choices:

  1. Cancel the party. Seems logical. Party gonna suck without that bag toss game you set up.
  2. Carry on as if it might pass. And it might. Just ignore it.
  3. Don’t cancel the party, but be prepared. Have a plan if that rain does come. Takedown the umbrellas before anyone even arrives.


Think of the party as Drexel. We are excited about the future. Where we are going. Where we are headed. We have done lots of planning. Spent a lot on decorations and improvements.

Think of the storm as the economy.

As you are working on orders, loads, building trusses, and focused on how can I handle my Monday…

I am the old uncle on the porch… hey a storm is coming, I can feel it.

Interest rates.


Slow down in manufacturing.

Instability of everything.

China lockdown.

It looks like it could be a doozer of a storm.

Tornado watches have been issued.

So, the party still goes on! We do not CANCEL. There will still be a party!

But we need to re-shift our FOCUS. We need to put the pre-drink beers down and tarp down the boat. Put the umbrellas away.

This doesn’t mean we sit in the basement scared. It does mean, we prepare!

What if we knew a WAR was looming, or a big fight?

WE WOULD TRAIN WITH PURPOSE AND INTENTION to be the best version of ourselves when it arrives.

We would finalize our plans, but not add more party ideas.

We would scale back the food, knowing less guests will arrive.

We will make sure it is amazing for the guests that do come with what we have.

And if the storm doesn’t come? Well, then rock and roll, we can always get the bag toss back out.

But if it comes… we won’t have to be frantic, panic, and lose our minds… we can keep going.

It’s a mind-shift. Most of you working here have never seen a STORM.

What should we discontinue that is “just the balloons” …

Most companies will be shocked when the storm hits. Lots of wet people. Lots of ruined party favors.

The veterans of Drexel job is to teach you that. To calm the waters. To be ready. To use history as our guide.

How much food (inventory) is now needed compared to what the RSVP said.

What is our core that we need to TRAIN ON. How can we be more prepared?

What incentives are actually Vanity > Quality

What incentives are having the opposite effect we want them to have? (Cobra effect)

What metrics are we using that are either not the correct ones, or are no longer worth it?

And lastly, how do we still have the party? What plans are not scrapped?

Remember the party is still happening. Do not worry or have fear.

We have always GROWN in a storm.

Hey grab me a beer by the way… we can still have fun while we prepare.

Pray for Sunshine!

Love more,



I did a post about my 12-year-old son, struggling to recover from a knee injury back in early February. His story is below.

I owe an update, and praise to GOD.

A little back story.

On October 9th, my son who is passionate about sports, broke his tibia in a complicated injury playing football.

A 3-5 month recovery we were told. He had complications. On February 2nd, we were told by a specialist he needed up to 3 more surgeries (making it 5) and would not say in a virtual meeting that he would ever run again.

We booked a trip to Colorado that would last 30 days with surgery and rehab. And that was just the start we were told.

Then God came in. Hundreds of people praying. Including our family. TRUST THE LORD. TRUST THE LORD.

He slowly… started healing. Slowly.

I had a dream. Yes, I am not a prophet or anything. And I am as skeptical of the dream as anyone, but it did happen. So it IS part of the story.

I don’t dream much, but in the middle of the night, I heard a voice, as clear as day, as if I was awake, “Your son does not need surgery. The healing has begun. Thanks to faith in God the healing has started.” (I know the words because I wrote them down after my dream.) I arose straight up, with a strength and calmness and adrenaline rush I have barely ever felt. My anxiety was gone. And I was mopped in sweat from head to toe as if I had just broken a fever. Again, it’s not the whole story, but it is a part. Was it God talking to me? I have no idea, and again, remain cautious that the Lord, Angel, Saint, etc.. spoke to me, but it did happen.

We switched the therapist and the therapy method. She had a completely different method.

We went to turmeric juice, fish oil pills, acupuncture, and kept praying.

Slowly… he started to heal.

We called off surgery. We called off the 3rd opinion we had scheduled. We didn’t go back to our original surgeon.

And week by week, every week without fail, he improved.


My friend, Father Mark Jones, says he has observed God sometimes works slowly with those that do not have patience. And boy does our family lack patience.

And we hung out. Ate every meal together. Bonded like we never have before. Grew out of basketball as our core activity, and became better people and a better family. My son has grown mentally stronger in so many ways.

AND YES HE IS WALKING. No crutch. He has a limp, but that is fading as well. We played basketball for 30 minutes last night. He is playing at recess (all-time pitcher in kickball for now he says). He is closer. Every week closer.

Here’s the crazy thing. We do believe it is a miracle. My 12-year-old short-sighted (as most 12 years old are) son, believes it is the opposite of a miracle, since 1) the injury wasn’t a miracle, and 2) the speed it healed is much slower than he was told. I believe it was a miracle. He got better. We learned a lot. Now we have to remember to GIVE THANKS at least to the intensity we prayed for healing!

I think often we ask for miracles and then receive it, or even something better, and then move on and forget to THANK THE LORD. It’s human nature I suppose, but what a great reminder! How sad that must make Him.

It will be a scar on his knee, but also a scar in his life. A reminder of what it is to be in a wheelchair, to be on crutches, to have bad news, to work for things much harder than most people have to. And like scars, I assume the memory will slowly fade.

A few things. We will never let sports run our life again. We won’t miss Grandma’s birthday because we are in a tournament. Things like that. You can be balanced.

Thank you God. Thank you to all those that prayed and continue to pray for us.

Is he “out of the woods” and back to “normal”? No. But he is CLOSE. Are we ever perfect? I didn’t know when to write this since he still has a bad limp… but it is time to write it. If not know, when?

Life doesn’t work in a perfect sequence.

That is why we must TRUST THE LORD in all things and ALL TIME.