I have come to a frightening conclusion

I am the decisive element in the workplace.

It is my personal approach that creates the climate.

It is my daily mood that makes the weather.

I possess the tremendous power to make

a life miserable or joyous.

I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration.

I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.

In all situations, it is my response that decides

Whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated

And a teammate humanized or de-humanized.

If we treat co-workers as they are, we will make them worse.

If we treat co-workers as they can be,

We will help them become

what they are capable of becoming.

— Joel Fleischman


Inspired by Johann Wolfgang Goethe

100 DAYS







Today there are exactly 100 days left in 2014.

Soon you will be singing with John Lennon, “Another year over and what have you done?”


But today friends it’s not too late for your 2014 to be awesome.  You can change the course of your history today.

Let’s not lose focus- let’s stay the course- and be incredible.


Focus on: THE PROCESS.

Fill out the right paper work, double check your work.  Focus on the details.

We call it “best practices” for a reason.  Trust your TEAM.  Trust the PROCESS and do it.  Part of our core values: DEVELOPMENT, WINNING ATTITUDE, COMMUNICATION, ACCOUNTABILITY,  TEAM WORK and RESPECT are all about the PROCESS.

FOCUS ON: THE CUSTOMER (both internal and external).

Sometimes your customer is internal…it is the person sitting next to you helping you do your work.

Do not take them for granted.  Tell them thank you.  Take a moment with them.  Listen.  Care about their needs.



For you that are in sales:  Your quote bins are full, jobs are in process, 100 days until the “finish line” of 2014.

In 100 days… there will be time for distractions, there will be time for looking into new products, worrying if the person doing your orders uses the right cologne, wondering it’s only your orders that get delivered to the wrong spot, wondering if the vendor we buy from actually screws up your order on purpose

… you can fix all this during a five degree day with blowing winds, low daylight and 12″ of snow to plow.  That is not today.  Today go sell something!





If you want to dig further in the rabbit’s hole…this is from Jon Gordon.

Sea Turtles… and Distractions that
Lead Us in the Wrong Direction

As I ran on the beach the other day I noticed that certain areas were closed off by fences and signs that said “Sea Turtle Eggs.”

I remembered reading that female sea turtles swim to shore between May and August to dig nests in the sand and lay their eggs. Months later, the eggs hatch and the baby turtles follow the pure light of the moon back to the surf.

In a perfect world, the pure light of the moon guides every turtle back safely to the ocean.
However, as we know, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Sea Turtle hatchlings instinctively crawl toward the brightest light. On an undeveloped beach, the brightest light is the moon. On a developed beach, the brightest light can be an artificial light source emanating from restaurants, homes and condominiums along the coast.

Unfortunately, these powerful artificial sources of light often attract the hatchlings and cause them to move in the wrong direction when they are born.

Rather than follow the pure light of the moon to the ocean the sea turtles follow the wrong light to a disastrous outcome.

It occurred to me that we humans face a similar challenge.

Rather than follow the path we were meant to follow, unfortunately we too often are distracted by things that move us in the wrong direction.

Technology, online games, too much time on social media, bad habits, addictions, stress, busyness and meaningless distractions lead us astray.

Instead of following the pure light of perfection we allow bright and shiny artificial things to sabotage our journey.

So, what about you?

Are you following your priorities and pure light to the right destination or are you allowing artificial distractions to lead you in the wrong direction?

Are you following the path you were meant to follow or are you letting meaningless things keep you from being your best?

The great news is that unlike sea turtles we have the ability to think, adapt and change direction when we realize we are following the wrong path.

We can tune out the distractions and focus on our priorities and let the pure light lead us to an ocean of possibilities and a great future.


 – Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.  He has provided solutions for builders and their clients since 1996 and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably don’t care about.





  1. the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
    Recently I took a kick boxing class (Try new things, CHANGE!) and I realized again the POWER of encouragement.
    Bill, our instructor, had an entire class of “first timers” that were a bit worried about this new adventure.
    And we were awful.  I am sure of it.  Yet he said it over and over.
    “You got it.”
    “That’s perfect.”
    “That’s spot on.”
    “Yep, that’s exactly right.”
    When he did give a correction it was SO POWERFUL because of all the honest praise.  It really wanted me to do well.  “Joel, just open your hips up a little for more power.  There you go.  You got it.”  I could feel my spirits soar.
    The best thing he did:  One student was really struggling.  She said “I don’t think I can do this.”  She was overwhelmed.  Bill joyously and calmly said, “You are doing fine.  You know what, I will do this WITH YOU.”  And that segment he did with that person.  She did great!  He helped her one on one get over her own fears.
    Even though deep down I was thinking, “Holy Cow I suck.  I must look like an idiot.”  Bill, made me think “Wow, maybe I CAN do this.  Maybe he seems something in me that I don’t see.”
    After class he said with a smile, “Boy, you guys did great.  I was surprised how high you could kick.”   He didn’t mention the 1,000 things I need to work on.  Heck, I know I need a ton of work.  He could of said, “boy we got a long ways to go,” and we would of dragged our tired feet and spirits out of the gym.  But he made us feel like champs just with those bits of encouragement; I am confident most of us will be coming back for more.
    It wasn’t false flattery.  He found the things we were doing RIGHT, instead of the 1,000 things we were doing wrong.
    Hopefully we all can learn from Bill.
    My friend Ken Wilbanks preaches the golden rule:  A 10 to 1 ratio of positive encouragement for each correction. 10-1!
    Think about the word’s definition:
     What an incredible way to live your life!
     And if they are really struggling simply say, Hey I believe in you, LET ME DO IT WITH YOU.  How powerful our actions are if we do it WITH THEM.

    Hebrews 10:24-25

    “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another.”


     – Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.  He has provided solutions for builders and their clients since 1996 and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably don’t care about.

The “IT” factor


You’ve met them.  You hang around some of them.  Quite often you can tell they have it in the first 30 seconds you meet them.

Football is upon us and it’s used often there:  That player has the IT factor.

We all see it here at our work place too.  The people that work here, the people we work with.   They are our top team members, top sales people, our leaders at any position.

We all want to have it, yet what is “it” exactly?  How do you get it and do you get more of it?


The people that have “it” all share these 3 common ingredients:


1.  They are Organized

They dress professionally.  Their vehicles are clean.  They answer their e-mails and voice mails promptly.  Their desks are clean.  They take a certain PRIDE in being organized.  Being organized is a focus, it is simplifying your life.  It’s de-cluttering your brain, your office, your vehicle, your life.


2.  They Enjoy The Game.

The people with “it” are fun to be around.  They don’t complain.  They listen.  They have great emotional bandwidth when things go wrong, they don’t freak out over something they have no control of.  The are simply CONTAGIOUS with good energy.  They realize if they are going to be here, they might as well be here in a positive mindset and be committed.  They worry about others before they worry about themselves.  They help.  They serve.  They always have time for you.  Not because they have to, but because they WANT to.   No problem is too big for them or too small to dismiss.  They do it for a bigger purpose then themselves.  They know there is no end to the game and in fact the game, the process, doing things correct and complete EVERY time is more important than the final score.   They know the final score will be their journey.


3.  They Block & Tackle

Blocking and tackling wins games, always has, always will.  It’s the most important part of any football game.  No 8 year old dreams of blocking and tackling.   But it won’t ever be discussed as headline news.  It’s boring.  If you watch a game on TV or live it’s really hard to even tell who’s good at it.  They get all the blame if things go bad and no recognition if their team wins.  But the people with “it” do it with all their heart when no one is even watching.   Not only that, they look to improve on it.  Yep, they look to improve on blocking & tackling.  They know the rest of the game will take care of itself.  They trust the process.  They do what they can, they block and tackle.  And if it makes sense, they change where they block and tackle for the good of themselves and the team.   I have met people that their goal with team blue was to “make it”, so some day they did not have to block and tackle any more.  That is not a goal.  That is quitting the game.  It is searching for the finish line that doesn’t exist.  Those people never had “IT” and never will.


“IT” never gets easier.  You just get better.



– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.  He has provided solutions for builders and their clients since 1996 and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably don’t care about.