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Can’t quite shake the Packers draft.  Can’t remember being this pumped up since T-Buck days or when we drafted A.J. Hawk.  Oh crap.  Ok, that’s not exactly what I mean.   This is why the Packers are always good and other teams go up and down.  Let’s say we sign Steven Jackson so we of course don’t draft an RB.  So S-Jax is even good for a year or two, eventually he’s shot, and we aren’t grooming anyone.  See how that works out?  Not so well…  Anyways, IF IF IF Bishop and Perry and Jones are good and mean and Lacy and Franklin are lightning and thunder, the 49ers and Seahawks will be in trouble.  As for you Vikqueen fans…ha, funny.  Yeah, Christian Ponder.

My Bucks.  My sad little Bucks.   The Onion did a nice article on how the Heat were embarrassed it took them 4 games to beat the Bucks.  Well done Onion.  Brandon Jennings, GONE.  Monta Ellis, GONE.  So… now what?  Crap-o-la.

In Brewer news… well well well… they aren’t as bad as I thought perhaps.  I love Segura.  Well done Melvin.  Pretty nice little ball team.  I try not to watch much til after July 4th… to me that’s when the season starts.

My grandma who was 91 died this week.  She had a heck of a run.  Church was packed and loud.  Everyone having a good time.  Hope my funeral is a lot like that.

The Fleischman farm started as a homestead in 1848 and is still in the Fleischman name.  Adam Fleischman came on the boat from Germany, then John Martin ran the farm, then Frank, then my grandpa Frank… and now it’s in a trust.  Good stuff.

Oh, and below is a post I did in 2006, I will update it with the colored text.  That’s kind of fun.  Like talking to my past.  The current me is in red.

The guy on Northern exposure was Dr. Joel Fleischman.  Yep.

The guy on Northern exposure was Dr. Joel Fleischman. Yep.

Rambling Thoughts by Joel Michael Fleischman- 2006 version…

Yeah, if you came here to learn something… move on down the line.  You ain’t gonna find it here.

The NBA has been bothering me.  If the NBA’s best can’t compete with International play, then why doesn’t an NBA team get an European coach and European players.  That should work, shouldn’t it?  well done 2006 Joel, the NBA has gotten very Euro, lots of ball movement, no centers, tons of threes.  Nice work.

If I ever have a dog again I think Blu is a great dog name.  Or whiskey. Yep, got a dog, wanted to name him Blue.  Kids and wifey picked Kobe in about one minute.  Happy wife, happy life.  We move on.

Hummer Limos are cool.  Period.  Always. Still.

I wish I had a hobby.  I don’t have one.  I used to like to play basketball, but I officially retired in 2006.  Hunting, fishing, golf, and a ton of stuff more interests me, just can’t seem to get passionate about anything.  I like my job.  But that’s wacko if that’s a hobby.  Fantasy football can’t be considered a hobby can it?  I am unretired from basketball and loving it.  Why the hell did I retire?

Time.  I just can’t seem to ever get enough time for friends, working out, anything really.  It’s always a constant battle with me.  I even eat fast just to get done with it.  That I think must be the coolest part of heaven.  There is no time… think about that for awhile.  No time.  None.  whew.  That will blow your mind.  I think I have gotten better at that.  But yeah, no time still blows my mind.

Everybody gets 24 hours.  Don’t tell me you have been busy (with work or life) and have been meaning to call.  Too busy to work out, hunt, fish, golf, sleep, whatever, whatever.  Everybody gets 24 hours.  You just choosed to do something different with your time.   And that’s OK.  But nobody is too busy.  Unless you got somebody in your life that is not healthy.  Then, all bets are off.  Yep.

Betting.  I can’t believe more people don’t like to gamble.  I’ll gamble everytime.  Why not?  I’ll gamble that the Packers will win.  I’ll gamble at the ice cream shop on the newest flavor.  Because you never know you might win.  So what’s the big deal, try it.  Yep.

Buy local.  I can’t believe all the people that shop at these big boxes.  IF THE SERVICE IS THERE AND THE PRICE IS ABOUT THE SAME, buy local.  They back up there stuff, they might be your friend, the money stays in town, they support your local charities.  But I don’t like the “little guys” that think people should just buy from them because they are local and their service and price sucks.  Come on, you got to be competitive.  But is it really fun shopping at Home Dumpo?  Really?  I don’t get that.  Or shopping at Wally World?  If you ever need some meat, or a nice suit go to a local guy.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Loehr’s in Campbellsport, Eden’s meat locker, Kewaskum Frozen Foods all come to mind.  Brauer’s in Fond du Lac.  Now that is how men are supposed to buy nice clothes. Buy a suit there and your life will change forever.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Leroy’s Bar in Oshkosh. Brauer’s is closed.  But yeah, exactly.

The Brewers.  If you think this is Packerland, your right.  But I’m telling you all if there is ever a great Brewers team there are millions of closet Brewer fans here in Wisconsin.  It would be insane.  Yeah, they went to the playoffs and it got gnarly.  World Series would be off the chain cool.

Christmas.  I love Christmas, and I love presents.  But gift cards I hate.  If you can’t take the time or find somebody a cheesy thought out little gift, just pack it in and make a donation in their name to a charity.  Who needs a $20 gift card…. Let’s all trade $20 bills, or a bottle of booze, and say a prayer, ok people?  Yep.

Places I could just hang out at… the library, the zoo, backyards (yours or mine), Vegas for 48 hours, up north, a beach on a hot day, any Grandma’s kitchen when she is baking (doesn’t even have to be my Grandma, a group of guys playing cards (I love the conversation), a Brewer Game- bleachers preferred, a Packer Game- colder the better, breakfast at a busy greasy diner for Saturday breakfast, a week old baby’s room (the smell, the atmosphere, the pride of the parents, the new life!), an old time local bar on a Sunday runner, the first hour fishing when they aren’t biting and nobody in the boat could care any less.  10 minutes before a marathon, or 5k starts (anything like that).  A gym where some “great” pick up basketball is being played.  By “great” I mean all the players care about is winning, show boating is encouraged, but it BETTER get you closer to kicking the other team off the court.  And no fights.  Life is too short.  Suck it up, and move on.  My favorite pick up games?  Roger Turchany’s in Campbellsport, or the daily battles at University Campuses, where the best gym rats can beat the University’s starting 5 at a pick up game 9 times out of 10.  I’ll bet my life on it.  A garden when the plants are just breaking ground, and the first warm wind is on your face.   A walk or hunt in the woods in fall, or first snow.  Opening day pheasant hunting, or the last week of pheasant hunting under a fresh snow.  Sunday morning Church with a great choir and an energetic priest.  4th of July parade, when the veteran’s walk by and you stand in honor of their time and our great country.  That’s pretty good right there old Joel.

At my funeral I want played somewhere over the rainbow by that Hawaiian guy to make everyone cry and I want Don’t worry, be Happy as the final song to make everyone laugh.  Oh, and sign Amazing Grace and On Eagles wings, just cause you should.   Duh.  Yes.

(12.14.06)…revisited. 5.4.13

– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is the president and solution provider for Drexel Building Supply.  (www.drexelteam.com).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.  He has provided solutions for builders and their clients since 1996 and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably don’t care about.

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