30 years of Excellence

Beth Pautsch, a true leader, and yet another person that inspires me to be great shared this with her team.  I now share it with the world.


Next Tuesday officially marks 30 years since I started doing cabinetry sales and design.  It seems like just yesterday. http://mentalfloss.com/article/49431/30-things-turning-30-year

This link proves it was not just yesterday and that there was life before McNuggets. Thank goodness I have not gotten any older.  My start in cabinetry was selling with a door carousel and drawing plans on graph paper with carbon paper behind (No copy machine yet).  Orders were mailed to cabinet factories and I patiently waited for acknowledgements to be mailed back to me.  Not only before email – but even before Fax!  For a break this week I thought I would list a couple things I have picked up over the years:

No one will die if a cabinet is late, it is just a HUGE inconvenience.  Be sympathetic and layout next steps in process

The jobs that “go to hell” are never the ones you expect – and the scary ones turn into masterpieces

Listen to the little voice in the back of your head

Continuous learning is a necessity in our profession

There are hundreds of ways to do each project and we must decipher which is the right way for each job

How we fix problems defines who we are

Do not take business decisions personally

Never measure anything when you do not feel good

Having a job where you can smile at work is a great thing

Doing the right thing is the right thing to do

People are very different and we must be chameleons to blend with all

If you think you may have measured something wrong, you probably did

Our success is impossible without a strong team behind us doing the hard work

I am the worlds luckiest person to be here.  Can’t wait for the next 30!


And that is awesome.

— Joel

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