by guest blogger: Beth Pautsch, Vice President of Cabinetry Sales

My salesman story of the week:
Wednesday a cabinetry rep stopped in Brookfield to get us to sell his product. Someone on the Brookfield team said he needed to talk to me but I was at Berlin. He drove to Berlin without calling and expected me to stop and meet with him. He was surprised when I told him no. He left me brochures and asked for my card. I envision him talking with his boss on how great it was that he stopped at TWO Drexel locations. He talked with me about his product, left me some info, and got my business card. On paper that sounds like a successful sales call. The reality is that he not only didn’t value my time, but his either. I find it difficult to take someone seriously who wastes 4 hours in one day to drive around without doing his homework. Once again we can learn so much from these people. Research your target customers. Make appointments. Bring value and don’t waste their time.



Below is a real e-mail I got last week from a “newer” but “awesomer” trade partner Metrie trying to meet with us.  I thought this was super impactful, appreciating his time and ours.   You can learn a lot from everything around you.  This is an idea you might want to use yourself.

Good afternoon gentlemen. I have a bit of an impromptu trip to your neck of the woods Thursday evening and will be staying up there for the night. I was hoping to stop in to see you for a few minutes on Friday morning. Call it a wellness checkup! Any chance you or anyone else who may have questions, comments, concerns or needs will be available? I don’t expect to take up too much of your time, unless of course you need the time. Also, if you need anything such as literature, sample pieces, etc. please let me know and I’ll bring what I can.

Thanks men.

Stosh Stolarek
Account Representative, Metrie


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