The Stress of the Holidays

A lot of us get pretty stressed out around the holidays.  This is one couple’s story…

A young couple in their early 20s had a pretty difficult 9 months prior to the holidays.  It’s been a whirlwind to say the least.  You see the couple were unwed yet pregnant.  And now on top of all of that, they had to travel about 68 miles via a donkey to a town Mary had never been.

That’s where things get a little dicey. You see Joe was a carpenter and had promised to finish two jobs by the end of the week.  A new kitchen for a neighbor and a new window for an older client.  So he had been working late, and well, this didn’t leave a lot of extra time for their journey.

Now Mary, you see, was REALLY pregnant.  The girl could give birth at any moment and was not looking forward to the trip on the donkey.  In fact, this whole pregnancy thing has her pretty confused.  She even visited her older cousin Betty, and while Betty assured here things would work out, Mary wasn’t so so sure.

Joe got home late after finishing both jobs and they were on their way.  Being a young and busy couple they had forgotten to make reservations anywhere, but Joe assured Mary that it wouldn’t be a problem.

But what was a problem… was Mary.  She was so uncomfortable they had to stop often to take a break, go to the bathroom or stop and get some food or drink.  The chaffing on the donkey sure didn’t help.

By the time they arrived the town was packed.  You see it was census season,  the busiest time of the year in town.  No vacancy, not today or tomorrow…. Mary was in tears and Joe was frustrated as all hell.  Joe finally begged a guy to let them stay.  The  guy said sure, but you have to stay in my barn.  Mary couldn’t take it anymore and said fine, as she held back the tears.  Joe never felt so embarrassed.  You see, he had been told, and had a feeling, Mary was going to have a very special child very soon.  If they could just make it past tonight, they surely could find a room tomorrow

And just as Joe was starting to feel better and more at ease as he settled in for the night, being assured tomorrow would be a better day, Mary turned to him with a scared yet determined face, “Joe I think it’s time…”

And as they say… the rest is history.

So no matter how stressed your Christmas Eve is… Mary and Joseph have been through it… let them help you through yours.

Merry Christmas.


– Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Our mission is to be a supplier of other’s happpiness.  I hope this little post did just that.










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