by Steve Herriges

Just like the rest of you, I love experiences with companies that appear to be of the same blood type as ours.  I’m assuming some of you have been to a Chic-Fil-A before. This past week in Florida I had my first experience.  (twice).  I was expecting another fast food joint. Like Waffle House or McDonalds, but they are much better than that. Like Culvers but with much more passion and customer care.

Signage supports their mission. “Welcome, It’s our pleasure to serve you.”  I overhead the drive-through lady,  “Hello, how can we serve you today?”  The Surprise it forward idea’s on their bag (pic attached.  Closed on Sundays. Books available for kids under 3.  A spotless interior, hand sanitizer available, the nice ketchup packets, etc etc.

The first time we went through the drive-through and the lady was standing out there taking orders on an iPad and very enthusiastic. Neat touch.

Oh, and the chicken was great.  More expensive than your average fast food but I would choose them over another any time I have the opportunity.  Just because of the inviting culture and customer-first mindset.


I just thought that was interesting. I recommend you check one out if you get a chance.

20160312_191618 20160312_193242 20160312_193841 20160312_193923

They found a way to stand out in the fast-food world. And it’s pretty much the same way we found a way to stand out in the building supply world.

And a good reminder that it works.

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