Guest Blogger…thank you Andy Rettler!


Just read this morning….from the CEO of Dropbox who did commencement speech at MIT.


He said that if he had a cheat sheet that he could hand to his 22 year old self it would have three things on it:


  1. A tennis ball
  2. A Circle
  3. The number 30,000


A tennis ball because the most successful people are passionate/obsessed about solving problems.  When he brings out a tennis ball for his dog, he sees how crazy/obsessed his dog is with the tennis ball, and this reminds him of that.


A circle because people are typically an average of the 5 closest people that they surround themselves with.  Surround yourself with passionate and successful people in a successful environment to bring the best out of yourself.


30,000 because, on average, people live about 30,000 days.  Make each day count.


I am incredibly guilty of over-complicating my life due to challenges, schedules, problems…etc.  Simplified models like this make me realize how simple things CAN be, and a reminder like this always helps.


A ball, a shape, and a number…can’t get much more simple than that.  Be passionate about what you do, care each day.   We’ve all already put ourselves in  at Drexel to be in a successful environment, so all we have left is a ball and number.   Don’t overthink it.


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