Matt K just conquered the book challenge, here in all it’s glory is his final review.  (Spoiler alert, if you are IN the book challenge, um, don’t read this.)

Matt, Millwork Guru and assistant store leader in Brookfield, aka "Gronk" pictured with his wife Cari and some dude in a Bucky Badger costume.

Matt, Millwork Guru and assistant store leader in Brookfield, aka “Gronk,” pictured with his wife Cari and some dude in a Bucky Badger costume.





Hey Joel,




Thanks for initiating the challenge.


Thank you Keith for staying on me in the beginning.  It was a push that I was not initially a huge fan of haha, but well worth it.


This is by far the most I have read since college and it has been well worth it.


I won’t apply everything (really learned a lot) but I will do my best to take what I can and use it when makes sense.




This was my least favorite book.  There is a lot to gain from this book, but it was just a little slow for me.  In the begging when he was talking about all the places he had been and all of the different food he has eaten it just made me hungry…but honestly I’m hungry all the time so it may not have been the book.


Biggest take aways for me from the book…


-Be selective at times, don’t dive in without thinking it through.  He had many opportunities to open restaurants, whether it was a different style of food or different location.  He was always selective.  Did his research about the neighborhood, other surrounding resturants, timing, would he have the right people and time to make it successful?  We also need to do this at times.  Is a new account awesome?  YES!  Are they all good fits? NO

-Anyone can do what we do…we will do it better.  It’s the little things that make us special, makes us different…makes people talk.  Anyone can open a restaurant…most fail.

-Don’t set out to be average, everyone can be average. He was always pushing for profection on every night, because any given night could be the night the critic comes in.  Head of house, wine temp, items on the menu, salt placement…nothing over looked or unnoticed.

-Be passionate!  Give it your all, if you can’t don’t bother.  When you go out to a resrutaunt you know when they don’t care.  I’m sure our clients can tell too. Anyone can push paper, take orders etc…we you have a passion people see it and feel it.  Clients will feel that genuine passion and be less inclined to find a new supplier…or restaurant.




-Great life book.  Are there things to take away that you can apply to work? Absolutely, but this is a must read for everyone and anyone.

-Every day we take things for granted, being able to walk, fresh air, healthy, I can see, I have food at home…the list could go on forever.  Take time to appreciate how lucky you are…every day.

-Don’t get caught up in the rat race.  When I die no one is going to talk about what I sold in millwork in 2034, no one is going to announce how many sq. feet my house is.  Hopefully everyone is going to talk about the people I touched, the memories I made, the relationships I made, love I shared…My wife is not going to care how much money I make….they are lots of rich people that are divorced.  Remember what is important every single day!!

-Living funeral.  Everyone always says these amazing things about people after they die…Did they ever get to hear that?! Why not?! Tell them!!  I could call my mom and let her know how much she means to me on the way home tonight and she would cry, I know because I have done it.  That’s not hard.  How many guys tell that to their dad?  One of their buddies?  Tell people what they mean to you, how much you love them, it’s ok.

-I knew he was going to die when I started the book, yet I found myself trying not to cry while finishing it at the gym in a cut off t-shirt…super badass

-Don’t get lost in your day to day…everything else is going to go away, and it doesn’t matter.



STARBUCKS EXP it, breath it, embrace it.  They do it and so do we.

-They sell something that tons and tons of other people do, and so do we.  They also try to WOW everyone they can.  Little things can go along way.  Spill your coffee?  On the house.  Coffee for the road? Take your Drexel travel mug.

-Create loyalty.  Everyone has “their” Starbucks.  We are making so they have “their” supplier.  We are and will continue to do the little things along the way and make everyone from top to bottom feel special, and that is why they will stay.

-They really care about their “partners” just like we do our team members.  It is a lot easier to buy in when you aren’t just another number.  From top to bottom everyone cares about me here, I love that and I tell everyone that asks.  I think people love to work at Starbucks, not that they love coffee, but the culture around them.  That’s why my closet is full of blue…love it here!

-Employee empowerment…empower to WOW.  We are all have the ability to WOW, put out fires, make the call (within reason)

-Surprise and delight.  We come in early, stay late, send the wiene wagon…that goes a long way.  Don’t forget that.  This is what makes us different, makes us special.

-Embrace the resistance.  Good, bad, really bad…always an opportunity to get better, learn, put out a fire so fast it makes you look good.

-Leave your mark. Charity, loyalty…just care when others don’t.

-Attention to detail.  Letting the coffee go for longer than an hr, one guy noticed.  One guy notices when we kill it too.  He talks, word spreads.




-You always have a choice.  Choosing to do nothing is still a choice.

-Everything happens for a reason..even when stuck in traffic.

-Everything is in your best interest and use it as an opportunity.  Even when we was bleeding from his nose he still said this.  I am focusing on this, bad thigs are a way to get better.  You can always learn or find good in every situation.  It make take some effort, but it’s there.

-READ READ READ READ…someone has done everything, and they prob did it really well…then wrote about it.  This is the most I have read since college and I am going to continue to better myself, I promised myself that.

-Don’t focus on your goals, focus on the process.  If you do everything it takes to get there and you do it all right, or bounce back…you will get there.

-How are you using all your minutes?  Are you getting better? Are you getting better mentally? Reading? Practicing? Embracing the grind?

-Don’t wait for the moment, train for the moment.  If you are always training for it, when it presents itself you will be ready.

-Don’t listen to yourself, talk to yourself.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of things or put yourself down.  Pick yourself up and talk yourself  into it!

-Learn from others, mimic what they do, pick up good habits…Julian Edelman did it with Wes Welker, seems to be working out.




Again, so glad I did it.


Thanks for the push fellas.





Matt Kavetschanky



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