We had 2 people from Marian shadow our company for the week.   Here was her review.

Never take who you  and we are for granted.

Being happy is WORK.  I get that.  But it is so worth it!



From: Bartlett, Alyssa M []
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 6:25 AM
To: Caitlin Stoll
Subject: Thank you


Drexel Team,


Thank you for taking time out of your own schedules to work with me this past week during my externship. By far this has been the best company I have ever seen. The externship turned out great! I loved hearing from all the different types of departments Drexel has. Throughout the externship, Drexel’s core value, Have Fun, really came to play. Whether it was always being offered donuts, or even fruit from Stacy’s desk. Watching the “fake” version of kick the ceiling, while trying to shadow Stacy. Everyone getting along and making jokes made the externship better than any ordinary job. Drexel was a great company to do my externship. Working as a TEAM makes a huge difference in the company, and even the community. Thank you for the great opportunity!


Please share with Team Members,



Alyssa Bartlett



Marian University

Double Major: Psychology & Expressive and Therapeutic Arts



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