By Merchant Paul Reis on “what he learned” at Wharton.





the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.



During the week long program I couldn’t stop thinking about Empathy.  It just kept showing up as an important part of the topics we discussed. To me the word Empathy comes off as weak and soft, but the possible outcomes are nothing less than strong and  successful.  It seems having this is critical for work, home, and the social lives we lead.  Start with work.  Having the ability to understand and share our customers feelings, (views, positions, politics) can only lead to Supply. Happiness.  Maybe some Empathy  for our vendor partners could lead to improved performance and programs.  I believe we all  know how important this is to have with our family and Friends.


Take time to slow down and put yourself in the other guys shoes.  The sights and outcomes are pretty amazing.


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