I stumbled on this term.  And now am somewhat obsessed with it.  A term I’ve been trying to live for years.  To the point my life claims I have “no empathy” because she rarely if ever sees me stress or worried in troubled times.  It means to LOVE YOUR FATE in Latin.  Or essentially, no matter what “trust the process.”    In fact she even just told me that this weekend, “you have no empathy,” and I suppose she is quite right.  I struggle with that, and have to do better.  Just because I try (and I’m not perfect on it) in a AMOR FATI mindset, doesn’t mean others don’t need my love, support, and encouragement, and sometimes to mourn with them…however I always go back to AMOR FATI.

Fail Forward.

Fall 7, Rise 8!

Here’s a fantastic article explaining it more.

The Unfathomable Power of Amor Fati

— – Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Our mission is to be a supplier of others happiness.  I hope this little post did just that.

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