You don’t have time to clean your desk.  You don’t have time to meet with your client.  You don’t have time to clean your truck. You don’t have time to clean your area.  You don’t have time to job site visit.  Leaders, you don’t have time to meet with your team and inspire them to greatness daily.


Follow the lead of Shawn Connell from Drexel.  Jay Enright from Campbellsport.

This morning I had the awesome opportunity to meet Shawn, the tile installer Neal, and the homeowners of a builder client, Mr. and Mrs. Gerlach.  It was a retirement smaller home (still very nice) with a walk in shower and a kitchen backsplash.  99.5% of the people in our industry would simply order what was quoted off the plan and “hope” for the best.  Then “react” and “stress” about any problems…. and margin erosion, lack of happiness, and TIME!


For EVERY tile job, no matter how small or large, and let’s hear it from Shawn…

“I wouldn’t have to do the small ones, but those are the ones that bite you in the ass!”….

So… the installer (unpaid) shows up, the homeowner shows up (not also the best time for them, but he COMMUNICATES why it is so important) and Shawn all show up and go through it.  The grout, the angles, the shelf height, the RIGHT EXPECTATIONS.  They debate, laugh, shake hands and move forward.

Shawn says, ya, guys have told me I am nuts, they can take 2-6 hours with drive time, but THE TIME AND STRESS I SAVE BEING PROACTIVE, MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!

Also in the pictures of the same house, Jay does millwork walk thrus EVERY TIME.  Without fail.  He doesn’t have “time” for this either, but makes time.  Jay and Shawn know… do it RIGHT, TAKE THE TIME…

(p.s. Mr. & Mrs. Gerlach were so happy with everyone at Drexel, specifically Jess and Laura!)


How does this relate to your career here?  What could you do ahead of time to save time, stress, money… later?  Can you do that every time?

What to go deeper in the rabbit hole… ?

Read more below…


Here is the complete e-mail blast I got from Sales Coach Rick Davis that he allowed me to share.  Thank you Rick, you are a friend of Drexel:  GO TO HIS SITE:  BUILDINGLEADERS.COM  for more info…

What do three of the best coaches in sports history – John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, and Casey Stengel – have in common with two of the worst – Rod Marinelli and Hue Jackson, the only two coaches in NFL history to go 0-16?
ANSWER: None of them can go on the field to play. They all have to rely on the performance of their players. Sales coaching therefore doesn’t mean taking over meetings. It means teaching your performers to do the job without your involvement. John Wooden once criticized modern basketball coaches who frantically call timeouts to draw up plays in the last minutes of the big game. He believed the coach should prepare the team for contingencies before it starts.
If you find yourself persistently lamenting the performance of your team during the heat of battle, you probably haven’t prepared them before it.
Who on your team can you work with NOW to prepare them for the BATTLE ahead?
— Peace and Grace,




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