This past weekend I noticed my shrubs were overgrown.  I thought to myself, uh, they ain’t that bad.  But maybe they need just a little work.  I almost just ignored them, as I’ve done over and over again.   I got to work…   I filled my 55 gallon garbage can 6 times! … the mission was complete.


You see it all the time.  An old home on Mainstreet is sold to a new owner.  First thing they do… clean up the bushes.  And wow, what a difference.  The old owner was tied to the past of what the bushes used to look likee, or too “busy” to care, or simply couldn’t see the problem.

The whole time I am thinking.  This is just like life.  Things that we need to eliminate, tasks, people, material goods, waste, junk, clutter… yet walk past every day…and barely notice.

I seriously found 7 baseballs in the clutter.  Perfectly good things, lost in the clutter.  Boy that sure sounds like life sometimes…

Not actual picture of my house…

It was hard work.  The bushes are now SMALLER.  But BETTER.  Less IS more.

What do you have to cut out of your life?

What are you walking past daily… that is growing out of control.

What do we need to let go of?

Are you actually going to prune them?

It won’t be easy.  It will be worth it.

Peace and grace, Joel

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