55,000 WORDS.

Recently I learned, and tend to believe, that you say on average 55,000 words to yourself a day.

What do you say?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you hate yourself?

Do you lie to yourself?

David Goggins, perhaps the toughest Navy Seal of all time, basically just YELLS at himself.  To motivate himself.  (If you want to get pumped up, he’s a great follow or read.  Be careful, he’s intense.)

He says, quit lying to  yourself.  Instead of saying I want to lose 10lbs.  Or I want to be more organized, what works for him is do a 1 person intervention.  I AM FAT.  I AM LAZY.  I AM DISORGANIZED.  AND THAT SHIT STOPS NOW.

Now that won’t work for all of you…but an interesting style for sure.

So, you might say, what works for me?

I do a combination of Groggins.  And I do a bit of DUDE, SERIOUSLY FOCUS.  GET BETTER.  NOW.   You are gonna die, and then what.  What will this look like.  It always brings me a sense of urgency and what is important.  And sometimes… because I am so driven.  I have to SCREAM at myself.  Slow down.  Way down.  Let others catch up.   Listen.  Hug.  Embrace life… So as life is… it depends…



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