I hear this one sometimes…. DREXEL is growing.  I’m scared.  Maybe too fast.  We are growing.  We are different.  It’s good, but this growth… wow.

Look at this way…when should of we stopped hiring?… the second we hired you right?  YOU wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have a GROWTH MINDSET.

Yes GROWTH can be messy!  Messy is where all the magic happens.  It’s the best part.  It’s the frosting and the middle!


Remember TOMORROW.

When you are about to make a decision remember how it will affect you TOMORROW.  Trying to lose a few pounds and crush a donut?  How will you remember that donut TOMORROW?  Tapped out on cash, put a few more bucks on the credit card?  How will it affect you tomorrow?  Easy example… stay for that extra drink?  How will affect you tomorrow?

Bringing it into Drexel… sloppy, untidy, unfinished, poor processes, blades dull, trucky messy… REMEMBER TOMORROW!



I think stress (and stresses isn’t bad, it’s how you process it) causes us to freak out.  Worry about the future.  Worry about things out of control.  Makes things complicated.  So think about it, the opposite is also true.

Worried about ME.  How does it affect my commission, how does it affect my sale.


What can I do to help THE TEAM


You made a mistake.  That affects ME.


We made a mistake let me stop and help US learn from it.


I don’t have time for this.  I want to do less.


How can I help you do your job better.





(had to sneak that in there.)


My week…

Monday, helping out at systems…and then back to downtown for some appts this pm.

Tues-Weds Andersen Window Trip with 14 team members and contractors

Thursday- Back to Little Chute to host a tour of Berlin/Wtown teammates that use systems

Fri- Three meetings from Richfield to Howard (I’ve never been to Howard.)

Anywhos, call if you need me.. .it’s probably the 12th time I’ve been to Andersen… I can miss parts of the tour!


Today friends, and this won’t be on social media, but you should know… a Family Farm lost their calf barn and  also the same shed where they kept their trucks in a fire recently.  Weighing heavily financially and mentally on them.  Today at 430 we are giving them one of our old trucks, and we fixed it up properly for them!  Now that is SUPPLYING HAPPINESS.  They asked me to be there for it, so I will.


Dale Carnegie grads this week from Drexel.   Be sure to thank them.  Dale Carnegie classes have changed Drexel and many lives here!  Ask those that took it, what changed about them!  Great talks.


Talk more.  E-mail less. PLEASE.


Be kind.  Be grateful.  Smile more.




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