In Drexel Fashion a 2 minute de-briefing was held at the Wrightstown location

announcing to their team the new head coaching team.

(If you missed a previous announcement, Nick Whitty is moving closer to his roots and transferring to lead the Kiel Team. He’s juggling both right now… and loving it!)

Steve Larson, head coach.

David Van Dreese “DVD”, assistant head coach.

“It was a thorough, extensive, and time consuming search.  Just like ANY position open, the team member selected goes through multiple interviews with multiple team members.  It has to be the perfect fit for all involved.  Steve is a perfect fit for this position.  Steve’s choice of DVD as assistant head coach is awesome.  A good complement to what Steve brings to the table.  This team is solid.  And doing amazing things.  That tradition will certainly continue.  The process is way better then when dad and I used our gut 100%…and hoped and prayed it made sense.  The team approach does a much better job finding the best people to join our bus.”- Joel Fleischman

(So if you write the article do you quote yourself?  Seems odd.)


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