Our old flagship, truck 84, just turned over to 500,000 miles. Yep. A half a million miles and still making deliveries every day. That’s more than enough to go to the moon, around to the far side, and back again. Wow.

I understand that this is the first Moffett truck that Drexel bought back in 2006.
It makes me wonder how many tons of material it has hauled over the years.
Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool.
– Darryl Vogelmann,  Campbellsport Operations and Superb Team Member (always smiling and thinking)  and truck #84 driver.
Story continued…
Darryl is correct… kind of….. the original Moffett truck #84 never hauled a Moffett when originally purchased.  Had a hoist and dumped #30,000 loads.  Just ask Benson and McCarty how well that worked??? I used to have the pics. Good for a laugh.

Took a lot of good maintenance guys and really really good operators to make it this long.
— Eb
The stories the team share and create  are what drives this company into excellence.  I can’t play “Moses” and part the seas and “make miracles”… our company is too dynamic for that, too many good people, too diversified.
Keep failing.  Keep trying.   Keep supplying happiness.  Ask why it went wrong, was it a process or a person issue, and how we can remove the mistakes in the future…
Your job may not be your ultimate purpose but it can ALWAYS be a vehicle to live and share your great purpose.
I think Darryl is a great role model for that.   He finds his ultimate purpose is every delivery!

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