Good morning Matt, Beth, and Joel.
I’m writing to call attention to customer service that my husband and I know is far above and beyond the “normal” way of doing things.
We are remodeling our 1960’s-era kitchen, and doing much of the work ourselves to keep costs as low as possible.  We hope to keep our budget right around $15,000.   From designers to contractors, we have had difficult getting anyone to work with us due to that low budget.   One contractor who visited our home left me in tears, not because he was unkind, but because he flatly stated that he wouldn’t be able to do anything for us.  His suggestion of a price to replace our floor was two-thirds of our entire budget for everything.  I finally decided to take on the whole kitchen design myself, and I have spent months in exhaustive research on every aspect of it.  Due to the very high rating they receive from contractors and DIYers, we are purchasing IKEA cabinets, and that also has been a “turn-off” for contractors/companies we’ve talked to.
My husband Wayne and I met Amber just by chance when we were at Drexel to return some Corian samples, and we are really glad she approached us that day.  She has been helpful and enthusiastic about our project right from the start.
I visited two other kitchen/bath showrooms (which will remain nameless) in the area, and through them I finally found just the right countertop material.  I asked Amber and the other two companies to give me a quote on the Hanstone, based on the drawings and measurements I provided to each of the three companies.
Company 1 was very dismissive of my various ideas and shut me down on each question I asked, when he spoke with me on the phone.  His bid came in at over $5,000, which didn’t surprise me.  He didn’t want to do our small job, which he made very obvious to me on the phone.  Therefore, he made his bid outrageously high.
Company 2 completely dropped the ball.  Over a week later, I had heard nothing from them.  When I called to see how things were going, they had not even started to look at the bid yet, and the assigned person was out of town for the next several days.  They were quite apologetic about what they called their mistake, but by this time, even without another bid, we were ready to go with Drexel, all because of Amber.
Here is what Amber did:
  1. Every question I had, she got an answer for me, whether she had to call Midwest Tops, or someone else.
  2. She sent us a bid for $2300-$2800 the same day we visited the Drexel showroom.
  3. When I suggested an idea for a second type of countertop surface in a certain area of the kitchen, she didn’t dismiss my idea with “no can do.”  She made two drawings of my idea and sent them to me, and also got information on the cost of an unfinished wood top.
  4. She has been timely and responsive at every turn.  And all of this BEFORE we even decided to go with Drexel.  She made us feel like we are worthy of her time and attention even though we’re not able to spend $60,000 on a new kitchen.  She has supported the creativity and attention I’ve been putting into my own kitchen design for many months.
We can’t say enough about how relieved and thankful we are to find a person/company willing to work with us side by side, since we can’t afford to hire all the work out.  Amber has made me cry in a good way.  I now believe we will be able to get our low-budget-but-dream-come-true-for-us kitchen!!  We can’t say enough about Amber’s friendly professionalism, her timely attention to our questions, and her efficient approach to everything she does.  What a stellar employee!!
With gratitude,
Lisa and Wayne

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