I met with a builder on Friday.  He said you are different Joel.  (I’ve heard that my whole life.)   He goes the thing is, DREXEL is DIFFERENT.  He told me DIFFERENT IS GOOD.  The way you all care and have fun is DIFFERENT.  People need that in life.  Keep being DIFFERENT.  People buy from DIFFERENT.

I ask each of you at Drexel have you embraced that?  Owned that?  Are you being “different” and amazing?


Here team is an email I got randomly Saturday morning from a team member, that is along the same sediments….

I have worked in A LOT of places! I have worked in offices, factories, plants, on construction crews, and on the road, and I have never seen an environment like this one. It is so easy to go to work when everyone around you is focused on creating a better team, and not just a better “me.” From the minute you walk in the door here, you see bright smiles and genuine hospitality.  All day long you hear conversation and light laughter (Konen giggles) and there is a buzz I really cant describe.  It truly seems like something is being pumped into the air in the store to create such a positive place.  I want to thank Drexel for taking a chance and hiring all of us from Weather Tek and creating new possibilities for all of us.  The team her is unbeatable, and I am very proud to be a part of it. It is very uplifting to have so much support around you to help the customers get their jobs done.
Today is like my 6th Saturday and I always hated working weekends, but I enjoy coming here and spending my morning with everyone.  With the morning runs to Blue door and the joy of the conversations from everyone, it is a perfect way to start the weekend.
Thank you all for welcoming me into your work family, I am truly honored to be working among the best coworkers in the country.
“To be successful you MUST BE UNIQUE, you must be so different that if people want what you have, THEY HAVE TO COME TO YOU TO GET IT.”
Team, not all people want to have extraordinary cool service.  They love waiting in line at Menards, or have a dude or dudes build crap cabinets in their garage and call em Amish Built or Custom.  Fine whatever.  Move on.  BE DIFFERENT.  BE EXTRAORDINARY.  SMILE.  LAUGH.  JOKE AROUND.  Those people that CRAVE that customer service WILL FIND AND BUY FROM US.
And with those Dollars they gave us, we will give back to their community to change the world.
I get that you get this, sometimes we just need to hear it again!
And if you don’t get any of this…. let’s find you a company where you get it, cool?  This bus ain’t for you!
Kari Wik saw this at Taco Bell of all places.  How awesome!  IEU

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