WOW… this article from is obviously very disturbing. The article states how hospitals are close to full and we are pretty much screwed if it gets any worse.

This image is really a fear tactic. We are OFF THE CHART! Literally! Well the chart goes to 600. I think the chart is too small. Really you can Make the chart bigger! Image if the top of the chart was based on hospital beds available. Now, imagine if that chart at the top was 5.8 million (our state population.) I AM NOT SAYING I think 600 is low… but the fact that this is OFF THE CHART, leads me to think it is OUTRAGEOUS. Is that true? I have no clue…


I’d love to say I believe the article. I DO believe that 600 are in the hospital with covid, and that must be horrible. I WANT to believe the media. Yet here I am, either an optimist son of a bitch or a CONSPIRACY guy, or a REPUBLICAN HARD ASS, or an IDIOT. I guess pick whichever you want… but I can’t get there, I don’t know why! 600 in the hospitals state wide… many are sick. Health care workers I personally talk to don’t talk or act this way when I ask how it is going. 600 to me doesn’t seem like a lot…but I have never worked health care. Hmmm….

But yet surely, I know they are not lying. It is THEIR REALITY. And we pray for them!

Before I/we just start freaking out, I hope we are like the following states, just lagging behind. I hope people see these and realize maybe the GRAPH DOESN’T KEEP GOING UP. Iowa is interesting, they have never embraced masks. Does Science KNOW IF WE ARE FOLLOWING THESE GRAPHS HERE IN WISCO? WHO CAN TELL ME? WHERE ARE THE LEADERS TO HELP ME?

So based on this… maybe we are peaking and we just need to not freak out keep on keeping on and by Thanksgiving we are back to that 400-500 daily cases.

Interesting stuff.

I don’t have a conclusion to this article, SADLY none of us do…


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