Supplying Happiness takes a journey where only God saw the path to follow.

P.A.U.L.S. – People Advanced in Using Lumber Systems.

It all kind of started with lunch. With one of my all time favorite builders. In fact, truly, our first builder at Berlin Building Supply. A perfectionist in framing homes and a guy that didn’t want to change the world, but surely wanted to change YOU. For the better. He even helped us do our very first addition in our Berlin yard.

A craftsman, not simply a carpenter.

So, I am sitting there having lunch with a customer and a friend, as well as my brother in law Craig Johnson. P.K. we call him, Paul Krause, was the builder I was meeting with. He surely thought he was buying lunch that day, but I tricked him and picked up the tab. Our conversation ebbed and flowed as it always had with P.K. We talked about life, the quality of it, the fleeting nature of it, and the joy of being a dad. We talked sports (he was a loyalist yet complained more about the loyal teams than anyone I ever met). And we talked building, construction, and the business of it.

I had a nagging question for him, then I sputtered it out. Offsite construction. What did he think about it? A one man builder, a craftsman, what he thought about robots assembling the structure and then installing it on site? Paul was a real thinker and I was truly curious what his answer would be. I would hope he would “see the future” as I have, but I respected his opinion and if he didn’t I would have to re-think what I thought I knew.

I’ll never forget his answer. As I talked P.K. truly teared up, he was a thoughtful caring soul, I’ve seen that teary-eyed look before. He said, “Joel, you have to do this. I need, we need it, as an industry. It’s exactly what will save the little guy and help us all.” ….and he added. “Joel, I will never be around to see it, but promise me you will do it, you and Drexel can pull it off, you might be the only ones to pull it off.”

You see, it was the last time I would see or talk to Paul. He was dying of cancer and we all knew it. Paul explained how good cancer was, that he got to say goodbye, enjoy every moment, connect with everything on this earth and appreciate it all. Like I said, Paul was one of the good ones on earth.

So I got in the car and later that evening slept on it. I woke up assured of my beliefs. Forward with offsite construction (you might call it panelization) and when we pull it off, we will call it P.A.U.L.S. in his honor. It needed a name that didn’t associate things with the past like panelization, fabrication, or automation. Those things have failed us somehow. PAULS it would be.

And so it is. And we will help others. And P.K. you will help us change the world.

Paul Krause, aka, PK.

What is a PAULS home?

Paul understood it was best to consolidate his purchases through Drexel. Easier and more value to do it that way.

Use our design Services

Framing Lumber package. Now with offsite construction as PK said we should. Stairs, floors, windows & doors in walls, and roof, we supply the labor

Siding and Shingles

Millwork and Doors

Cabinetry and Tops

and Flooring (in markets where we sell it).


And as thank you for any and all PAULS clients and builders:

For each PAULS home here in Wisconsin built we will donate a home to those in need around the world. Our first community will be in Haiti.

And we will start with 8 homes, 8 families, one for each of our locations. And we will start right now, Christmas 2020.

You see in Haiti, the needs are real. The housing is poor. We can give them a home, we can supply jobs to build and maintain them. We can help more. Each time we build here, we build there. There are hundreds of families in need.

There will be a website soon, to apply to be a PAULS home. At that point, we will review your application (just verifying it was a PAULS house) and you will be given a host family and we will sponsor a new home for them, as a thank you on our behalf to you.

“There is no place like home.” – Dorothy, Wizard of Oz.

Learn more about the homes we are building in Haiti.

Let’s meet the first PAULS families, all 8, one for each of our locations.

  1. Campbellsport
  2. Berlin
  3. Kiel
  4. Brookfield
  5. Wrightstown
  6. Little Chute
  7. Columbus
  8. Amherst

If you would like to be a PAULS customer or be a PAULS advocate and supporter or have any questions at all,

feel free to contact me, Joel Fleischman, 920-979-4045, or joel.fleischman@drexelteam.com

“And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians 5:20

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