Saturday Tim and I went to buy a different car. We were 95% sure what we were going to buy. We ended up buying something different from a different dealer.

What the first salesman did wrong:
He assumed we would buy there since we did last time.
We questioned an engine option and didn’t get much of an answer He didn’t show us new things, just had us sit in his office.
In pricing conversations everything was very vague.
He was apologetic of the pricing and made us feel like this was not a good deal.
We wanted to see what the color looked like and instead of searching their lot for anything that color, he was fine with us going to a different dealer to look and assumed we would come back.

We left without warm fuzzy feelings, but feeling like we were getting screwed over.

We decided to stop somewhere else and this is what that salesman did right:

He introduced himself, offered us a beverage, and let us browse a bit.
He then started with a conversation of asking our wants and needs and what caught our eye.
Before leaving on a test drive he took the time and showed the bells and whistles and how they would be great for us. (Touch and feel) We asked them to get a trade in number on ours while we were on the test drive and he SLOWED THE PROCESS DOWN by saying drive it first to make sure it was right for us, then we would look at numbers.
He fully explained the numbers and made us feel good about our purchase.
The whole team worked together to get us to join “their family”. They talked openly how they not only want this sale but all future sales with us.

Did we get a great deal? Who knows, but we left feeling good about our purchase.

Talk with people.
Make them comfortable.
Ask questions.
Demonstrate products.
Do the work to make it easy for them.
Congratulate them on a great decision.
Let them know you are there for them.
WOW them.
Sales – make it fun for all involved.

Let’s give our customers the warm fuzzies this week!



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