What a gem by Chelsea Watzig as she just COMPLETED the book challenge.  Very proud of the Drexel team member she is becoming!




My initial thoughts when reading this book was the similarities between Starbucks and Drexel. From the concept of leaders to having principles, processes and procedures in place; I never knew Starbucks even had such a business model.


Within the 5 key concepts that make up their business model, “Make It Your Own” was the one that stood out to me most containing the “5 Ways of Being”. With the Starbucks foundation based upon Be Welcoming, Be Genuine, Be Considerate, Be Knowledgeable and Be Involved; it made me think of our Core Values and the meaning we give them within our culture.


“Everything the company does is intended to give the customer a positive, perhaps uplifting, experience while purchasing a quality beverage or food item”. Whether it’s a food and beverage item or building materials, it’s not WHAT you are selling, but the EXPERIENCE you are giving to all customers.



This book speaks completely to Drexel. From having a vision in place to always delivering ‘Plus One’, Drexel is always working on improvements and analyzing areas for growth. Our consistency of how we do things, knowing what our clients want and always on a mission to Supply Happiness is what creates our “Raving Fans”.


It was interesting how Charlie went to different types of businesses to learn their ways and took home at least one secret of how that particular business was successful. From the food industry to the building industry, it’s all about the customers experience and what your company does to stand out from your competition.



The quote that stuck out to me was “It’s not hard to teach anyone the proper way to set a beautiful table. What’s impossible to teach is how to CARE deeply about setting the table beautifully”. This is so true when thinking about it. You really can teach anyone anything, but if they don’t have a passion for what they are doing or why they are doing it, you can’t change that. Relating to Drexel, not only do we hire 10’s, but we have a Team of people who love what they do and live by our core values. Hiring the right people, having high levels of communication and all sharing the same mission, anyone can become excellent at what they do job specific.


Once you have the right people working for your business, the number one factor of success will happen on its own; great hospitality. As the book states, “Success is based on meaningful human interaction to retain its soul”. When you have excellent service and amazing hospitality when a customer comes into your business, the price seems to be overlooked. Similar to Raving Fans, in order for you to create Raving Fans you must create a great experience for all customers as well as employees. As long as you always focus on taking care of people (employees, community, friends, suppliers, investors) long-term success will come naturally.



By far my favorite out of all ten books! I see why it is the last one. I read this in four days and could not put it down. It really made me analyze my life and think about the things that I unintentionally focus on or do that is giving me no benefit for my future.


The concept of stop preparing and start planning along with burning the unrealistic goals you might be setting for yourself, really stuck with me. Everyone is always so worried about preparing for their future, when that is actually impossibe. You waste all of this time planning for what hasn’t come, when you could be focusing on tomorrow and improving whats in front of you by setting realistic goals for yourself. You never know what the day will bring and what life will throw at you when you wake up, but as long as you focus on the things that matter and are willing to change and grow with any circumstance, that is as prepared as you can be.


“Believe that everything that happens to you is in your best interest and an opportunity to learn and grow”. When you believe this along with treating people very well and always having a great attitude, no matter what happens to you, negative or positive, you will come out better than before.


“If you want to achieve your greatest potential, you must surround yourself with people who love you deeply, believe in you, encourage you, BUT who are also willing to challenge you to become the best you are capable of being”. Life is all about the connections you have and relationships you have built. You should always set out to enhance relationships as much as possible; showing genuine sincere appreciation, smiling more, listening to others & being the best you can be in every situation- you will live a successful full-filled life.




THESE BOOKS WERE FANTASTIC JOEL- thank you for giving our Team the opportunity to do this book challenge! It’s been a great weekend hobby- to read!


Cait- we can chat about my reviews on Monday.

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