The Last Supper is THE most famous meal ever.  Breaking bread often builds a bond, a unity, a friendship.  As the saying goes, “Everybody has got to eat!”

Here is an inspiring TGIM from probably our most social team member Kari Wik:




As I travel to the other stores, one of my goals is to meet more of the team and learn more names.  A fun way to get to know the team is over lunch. If you have never done this before, YOU SHOULD! Everyone likes eating good food and enjoying good company.


Thank you to everyone I have been lucky enough to have lunch with so far! I have enjoyed the laughs and the stories that were shared.  Some of the conversations were more serious and others were about process improvements.   All were time well spent. Sometimes taking a break and sharing some bread is just what your day or week needs.



Fun Facts I learned during my lunches:

  • We work HARD.
  • Our yard radios reach local establishments at lunchtime
  • Lots of us pack lunches
  • Many of our team members are trying to eat healthier
  • We have active families!
  • Some of us are getting married and having beautiful babies
  • We are proud of our fellow team members
  • We take great pride in our work!
  • And Frank Gitter won’t go to lunch no matter how many times I ask him. 😉



(But you already knew that, you work here.)






(I got to have lunch with these guys! From left to right, Will Cotter, Kari Wik, Hayden Serwe)

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