Team, our mission is TO SUPPLY HAPPINESS.

AN INSPIRATIONAL thing for sure.  Making others happy.  Our team, our clients our community.

Let’s drill that down a bit.

Our Mission is to be the #1 workplace in the state.

Doing that will also make our clients happy (happy people buy from happy people).


To do that we must do a few things:

Live by the core values.

Hold each other accountable in a real way.

Work incredibly hard.

Hold and protect our margins.

Increase Sales.

Follow processes intently and completely, to alleviate the stress from others as they clean up your mess.

Be smart.

Say NO a lot.  Knowing WHO we are, what we do and simply CAN NOT DO.  A focus on that makes us happy as well.  Saying YES when it is not our comfort zone makes us stressed, not happy.  We can do this in a trusted adviser tone!

Know your role, do it well.  Not knowing your role makes your life full of anxiety.

Training.  Thank you for Justin Spuda, director of player personnel, as we become the nation’s leader on training in the building supply industry!  Period.  You will all get to know him if you don’t already.

That feeds our mission!   

Again, you can see when you focus on what is important, the rest becomes not-urgent or even less important.


As we work on goals, vision, future together, we must always remember our purpose.  And our mission.  Does it feed that?  Or does it just complicate things and cause more stress?

Your head coach and the leaders are meeting for a one day retreat and meetings this week.  We will stay focused on our mission as we lead us on!

— Facil,


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