“Be the things you loved the most about the people who are gone.”
That one was shared by Ben McCarty – and I really like it!  Thanks Ben!
Yesterday I pulled up some notes from 10 months ago when I took over the Head Coach role, and at the top of the page were these quotes/comments that I had on there to set the tone for the rest of the mission. The mission of leading this team. Supplying Happiness. Earning people’s trust, etc..  These are great reminders/motivators for everyone, and considering it fits into the quote-of-the-day theme, I wanted to share:

-No such thing as a bad day.

-Lead By Example

-Always Remember to be Kind

-People may not recall what you did/said…but will remember how you made them feel.

-Make sure your servant’s towel is bigger than your ego.

-It’s never wrong to do the right thing.

-Our minds don’t lead people, our hearts and our values do.

Notice, the start of my 5 pages of notes and goals had nothing to do with sales, or margin, or metrics of any sort. Those things come naturally when you focus on the roots. I would encourage anyone to do the same. And remind yourself of your priorities every day.
Donny and Richie Weyer have been working side by side for many years. In the past decade, they have been working most frequently in Kewaskum. Both retired I believe….or at least of retirement age, but just have a passion for swinging a hammer.  Last weekend Richie had a heart attack on his way to church. He passed away days later. It was his time. It didn’t matter how many nails were left to pound or how much money in the bank or whatever other goals he had. The good Lord had other plans. That’s how it works, and that’s why you should live the way you want to be remembered. Stay the path. Keep the faith. Be good.
Take care team!

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