I read a bit over the weekend… here is what I think I learned…

Happiness is like wine in a glass.  You must first be self happy.  You yourself can’t continually beat yourself up, you must be of sound mind and good spirits.  Then your happiness chalice will overflow and you will radiate happiness.  It’s a Jesus thing too… “Love one another.”


Divide and conquer.  We are growing friends!  Over 20% this year in almost all departments!  That means we must divide to CONQUER!  Our leadership team is taking on several new roles both in systems and supplies.  Of course as we finalize details, YOU will be the first to KNOW!


People.  It’s all about PEOPLE.  Period.  It’s not a front door issue, it’s a people issue.  It’s not about board feet it’s a people issue.  It’s not about a transition strip that is back-ordered, it’s about people.  PEOPLE WIN THE WAR on HAPPINESS.  Over our last several SHUS we have hired EXCELLENT CULTURAL PEOPLE.  Now it is on US to train and develop them to make them ROCKSTARS!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are trying to take our competition OUT OF BUSINESS.  Wow, Joel that is brutal.  No…not really.  I just feel if we can UNIQUELY help people better, that is just a simple cause and effect.


We are close to working out our systems GROWTH model… What does that mean?  Robotics.  More facilities.  More upgrades.  Stay tuned. 90 DAYS WE WILL HAVE IT IN WRITING.  FYI, consultants tell us we have 15% market share of all trusses built in Wisconsin.  Our new facilities will bump that to 35%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Berlin.  We keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Hope to put a shovel in the ground this fall.  Transfer Brookfield team Spring 2021… if things go as planned.  This week?  We are working on SOLAR.  Price, etc.  Reminder, solar is at our Amherst facility.


4th of July.  It’s been nice having off Saturday mornings.  I hope you are changing the world with family time, etc on your Saturday morning off!


100 deliveries a day in Campbellsport.  Each person from the person answering the phone… to the person unloading the cabinets must work in perfect harmony.  When it works and it does over 93% of the time!!!  It is really a work of art.   The standards that team sets is amazing.


Thank you all for your hard work.  This is GENERALLY the CRAZIEST WEEK OF THE YEAR in many departments.. ENJOY THE SHIT OUT OF IT.  AND MAKE IT FUN!


too blessed too be stressed!







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