GROWTH. Change.

When a snake grows, it has to shed its’ own skin. I’m guessing if not painful, at least UNCOMFORTABLE. But without that mold, that shed, it will die!

Same for an animal with an exoskeleton. Think lobster. They must shed, or literally die because they refused or unable to GROW. That has to feel awkward!

We have to change and grow this year as always at Drexel…and we do and have, and I am always so proud of those teammates that help lead that charge! Some departments more than others, but all of us in some ways! Estimators are in that shed mode right now. The structural team as well. If not painful, at least very uncomfortable. But huge growth will be obtained by those departments. It is the focus of the company right now, helping these two departments change and then GROW.

Shedding that skin.

In what part of your life does your skin need shedded? Like it or not…. it needs to be shed!

It’s part of life, just like a snake. I have a feeling animals don’t even think about it, they know the law of the jungle. It would be wise if us humans don’t use our little minds to think we can avoid the shed!


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