Sell Ice Cream Instead

“If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream.” — Nick Saban

This is so fun to explore for me. And really an ingredient important here at Drexel.

You see our mission is to SUPPLY HAPPINESS. And I preach constantly, be like Jesus: serve, love, and care.

But did you ever read the Bible or listen to Jesus’s words? He wasn’t soft.

He didn’t make exceptions. He didn’t say, I understand you are stressed, it’s ok for you, this time, because I enable you. I know here in Jerusalem we do things differently here than in Rome. He didn’t say stuff like that.

NO. he said: I am the way, the path, the light. Follow me.

He was very clear. Very blunt. His short words spoke volumes. He talked in parables.

He had let’s just say, processes and procedures in place, and was completely unwavering.

And if you didn’t follow them, then Jesus, still said, “Well that’s ok… everyone is unique. Right? Or, well, it would be hard to replace you so that’s ok, or I am sorry you misunderstood, so that’s ok, that’s my fault…” RIGHT? No, he literally said you are going to pay for that for eternity. GULP.

Even if you aren’t a very religious person, Jesus is a pretty well respected leader…and remember he did really live… he’s not Santa Claus.

So if you truly want to be like Jesus: 1. SERVE, LOVE, AND CARE. Because without that: you are a tyrant.


Yes. That is the way to lead.

Or go sell ice cream.



2 thoughts on “Sell Ice Cream Instead

  1. Comes down to are you enabling someone or growing someone when it comes to being a leader. Everyone makes mistakes! Mistakes are opportunities to get better as long as someone has acceptance or the mistake and has self-discipline to improve.

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