Many of us read inspiring stories. Listen to David Goggins. Tell ourselves we must do more. That’s a huge problem. Most of us OVER ESTIMATE, what YOU can get done in a day. We over-promise, over commit. We actually take on stress and burdens (monkeys if you will) that aren’t even ours. We are super heroes we tell ourselves. And then we let people down, due half-ass work, forget deadlines, and then convince ourselves the only way to fix that… is… wait for it.. COMMIT TO DOING EVEN MORE.

There is a solution, a positive out come of this.

Although we OVERS ESTIMATE what we can personally do, we UNDERESTIMATE what OUR TEAM CAN DO FOR US. Is it trust? Lack of good communication skills to have people guide you? Or just a personal lack of connection with your team? Ego and pride? I am the best, no one can do it like me syndrome?

Also, we OVERESTIMATE what we can do in a day or a week. We way UNDERESTIMATE what we can do in a few years. Make a long term plan (yep, take the time to do it) and see what you want to be in a few years… then move towards that, always with the future in step, but never overwhelming.

It’s not easy. But life isn’t meant to be easy. Just worth it. Focus on the process, not instant results.

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