When policies and large government get involved, it almost always leads to a level of hypcrosicy. How can yo be fair, and just to 330 million people in America. A truly uneviable task.

First, what is hypocrisy? Saying one thing then doing the other. I also believe it is making a mandate of one thing in an effort of helping, although realizing it really isn’t. If you read the Gospels of Jesus, you can see if you want to get Jesus riled up, be a hypocrite. I am not sure any problem drove Jesus more than than being a hypocrite.

So follow me here.

MILWAUKEE MARQUETTE AND THE UW-MADISON BADGERS played basketball this weekend. Maskless. They competed.

In other parts of the state, most actually High Schoolers and youth played this weekend. With a VERY STRICT MASK policy. Although it limits their breathing and they touch it 100 times during the game. It is forced on them. So it is unhealthy because their breathing is hampered. That has been documented by our health department. And is INEFFECTIVE, because they have to adjust it so much. So whatever is on their hands is now breathed in. Actually a horrible mistake.

But that… is only slightly hypocritical.

Here’s the real travesty.

In all of Dane County and all of Milwaukee County…there is NO basketball being played. Not allowed in the gyms full lock down.

Now, maybe you have no interest in sports, or understand how many young men (and women) think, act, and feel.

For many of these youth, hoops is their OUTLET, THEIR CONNECTION, THEIR DRIVE. School is something to do, to get to play sports.

Now many of these youth, haven’t had school since March 2019, and now no sports they love.

What’s their outlet now? Drugs, sex, and worse I assume.

But it is in the name of COVID, AND VIRUS REDUCTION.

Yet, our wealthy, our talented, our elite… the ones we see on TV, don’t wear a mask.

It tells us as humans, that you must strive for MONEY, FAME, WEALTH, TO BE ABLE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT… TO BE ABLE TO LIVE FREE… TO LIVE MASKLESS. But the worse off you are… you are told what to do, and limit many activities. Hopefully “relief” free meals, free healthcare, free money as a Covid package is on the way… in a manner to assist you…as the elite live freely.

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