You know it didn’t work right? The covid story you need to hear.

Well here I am writing this in a coffee shop 2 years after the pandemic. Not a mask in site. No visors. No distancing. No signs. No shields. Just people talking, hanging out and you know being humans.

2 years ago, people “in charge” shut the world down, and specifically in the United States, 2 weeks to stop the spread.

I think we forget that. Or want to forget it. We can’t. We shouldn’t. We need to learn from it.

We were afraid to go the grocery store. Outdoor playgrounds were sectioned off. Churches did not hold mass. Just two weeks… you know slow the spread.

Then masks were the rage.

Then vaccines.

Then sort of all 3 combined.

Schools were closed. Virtual.

Really like totally weird stuff.

Vaccines were going to be mandatory until the courts stepped in to actually have a job.

I went to a few really horribly bad covid funerals.

My sister had a severe reaction to the vaccine and had major major heart surgery.

A good friend survived…in his words… due to the power of prayer.

Mental health, homelessness, lack of connection, and separation suffered horribly. Our country is in utter dissaray.

Yes, I am a “conservative.” You already now just judged this article and me. Knock it off. This is NOT political. Why is this subject so political?

We have to remember these policies NEVER WORKED. Not one ounce.

I just heard from someone today, well if covid comes back we are prepared. He felt uncomfortable shaking my hand. He actually commented, “We aren’t supposed to be doing this.” Says who?

We have to learn from this. All of us. Or as many as possible.

There was A DISCUSSION to be had that this wasn’t the right path. But the second you brought it up you were careless, a trumpster, or worse. My God it DIDN’T WORK. Me, us, we were RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME.

The virus had to VIRUS. that WAS THE SCIENCE!

We lost so much. So much.

Let’s learn. Let’s remember.

The government is not our friend. They are not always right. And question everything, always.

Peace. Love.

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