Nick Saban is one if not the greatest college football coach of all time.

They asked him about how his team is coming along for fall this past week…his answer is remarkable.

“We’re still trying to identify leadership,” Saban said. They have a good core but want more to step into that role.

Are you identify leadership? Setting standards and holding people to them.  Training and coaching on how to lead?

How can you expect your team to soar if you are not encouraging them to lead?

Every player at Alabama is encouraged to lead.

By example. By actions. By body language. By effort. By positivity.

The more LEADERS YOU HAVE the better your odds of success.

The coach is finding LEADERS.  Nick Saban understands that will lead to wins.  

What are you doing to create more leaders? 

I’d love to hear from you about what you are doing.  Or just take a few quiet minutes to contemplate this.

Trust the Lord,


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