From Jon Gordon newsletter April 18, 2016

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Telescope and Microscope:

See the Big Picture and Zoom Focus Today

Almost every writer, speaker, and performance coach shares the importance of having a vision for your future. A vision is supposed to be energizing and exciting.

But the other day it hit me that sometimes a vision doesn’t energize you. Sometimes it depresses you because it seems impossible to achieve and so far away.

In these moments, it’s important to remember that just because you have a vision doesn’t mean it’s meant to happen now. Your vision is meant to show you what’s possible for your future.

Don’t let it frustrate you. Let it fill you with possibility and passion. If you see it, you can create it. If you have a vision, know that you also have the power to make happen.

The key is to just keep moving forward with grit and optimism towards your vision one step at a time.

To help you do this you’ll want to go through life with a telescope and a microscope.

You need both.

The telescope allows you to see the big picture.

The microscope helps you zoom-focus on what you need to do today to realize the big picture in the telescope.

If you just had a telescope and no microscope, you would have vision without execution which leads to nothing.

If you had a microscope without a telescope you would likely lose site of the big picture and get frustrated by all the challenges of today.

Together the telescope and microscope provide you with the right combination of inspiration and action to create your future.

The journey isn’t easy but with a telescope and microscope you’ll see where you are going, remember why you are going there and know what steps you need to take today.





Here’s a dump of what’s in my brain… hang on people!

For about 5 years I’ve been doing a one word goal to inspire me all year.  A simple laser focus.  We have too many goals, too many dreams… a one word gets you on track all year!

To learn more go here:  http://www.jongordon.com/positive-tip-your-word.html

This year I chose:  LEARN  (actually if you pray on reflect it ends up choosing you!)

I hope to say this line about a million times:  “What can you teach me?”

If I can learn… I need to SHUT UP and listen.  I need to take good notes.  I need to ask good questions.  I need to dig deeper beyond, “how ya’ doin…”  And If we do this right, as I learn I can gain wisdom and thus use it as a boomerang effect to TEACH and inspire!


I told this to the the team I coach basketball to recently.  I forgot who I got this from.

“YOUR DREAMS HAVE TO MATCH YOUR WORK.  If they DON’T then either, change your dreams, or change your work!”

I just worked with a sales person that wants to make $100,000 in commissions a year before the age of 35!  Awesome goal!  However, as I worked with that person… I realized they were not doing the work (YES THEY WERE WORKING HARD) but not really do THE SMART WORK to get there.  As I told that person, you worked harder on a deadline for a college project, pulled all nighters, etc… to get a B+ then you are to earn this money!   I put it this way, which worked for that person… YOU ARE HOLDING A WINNING LOTTERY TICKET (what you could make in commissions in the next 5 or 10 years)… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS EARN IT!!!



How many deliveries is Andy Rettler up to?  13 on his garage!  13!

Also, how many $$ of special order RETURNS OF vinyl siding to Wausau Supply did we do this year?  (one product category… one vendor)… OVER $100,000!  WE MUST DO BETTER AND WE WILL!

We simply CAN NOT order SPECIAL ORDER exterior products off a plan… it’s gotten too complicated.  EXTERIOR TRIM WALKS WILL BE STANDARD AND REQUIRED for ALL in the next 90 days as we work out the details!  YES!  BETTER!


Hot take:  You are not sure if there is a God.  Maybe this is all just like Santa Claus.  Fine that’s your opinion… however, tell me this… If there is no God…. who was Jesus… (he really existed it is in tons of historical documents far beyond the Bible… it is how we keep time) based on this man… a man that had no wealth, no power, no followers, no army…SO TELL ME WHO WAS HE?… Just some raving lunatic?  And after his death… why were his followers willing to DIE to spread his message if he really didn’t rise from the dead?  Only explanation is they were plain lunatics… but why would they risk EVERYTHING for a man that was dead?  ODD RIGHT?… That’s my faith.  Also…faith is beautiful… it is something that has no 100%.. reason… no logical answer… and that’s incredible.


Exercise…  Honestly, the happiest people I know… do some form of exercise.   Don’t have time?  I call BULLSHIT.  Get up earlier, go to bed earlier.   How effective are any of you the last two hours you are awake.? I know a few of you are night owls… and good for you.. but for the vast majority of us… we veg out on phones, or tv on the couch for HOURS instead of going to bed and getting up early.  I wake up between 4 and 4:30am most days.    Get it.


And for you operational cats, a good quote from Norway…. “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!”  THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO OUTSIDE.


Keith Batenhorst has given me a few golden nuggets… here is a recent one…


How true, we have guidelines, we have processes and procedures, but think in terms of this…


“Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferris…

When faced with a problem… say this:  “WHAT WOULD THIS LOOK LIKE IF IT WAS EASY?!”

That’s awesome.  We tend to focus on problems with difficult, layered solutions…which leads to 1. no decision or indecision  2. complicated layered solutions.  Both are BARF!  But what if it was easy… could lead to quick answers… and SIMPLE solutions!  LOVE IT!


Oh…here’s one last little thing.

STOP.  Pick something you are going to STOP doing in 2018.  Why say you are gonna do more…!  I know you are already busy.  STOP doing something.   At work, home… life.  STOP. STOP.  STOP.  That for many… will be HARDER than ADDING STUFF!  STOP!


Can’t wait to learn from you!


— – Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Our mission is to be a supplier of others happiness.  I hope this little post did just that.


you’re ok. i’m ok.



I got this gem from Cardinal Dolan:

“The world says “I’m OK, you’re OK”. Advent reminds us that the world, and our lives, are a mess. We need something – *someone* – to make us whole. We need our Savior! Our lives are like the empty manger awaiting the birth of Christ!”

How true this is!  We are not OK.  Not even close.  We have issues…at work, at home… but we look the other way and say “I’m OK.”  God will and can help you.  Just stop to ask.  Stop to say, “I surrender…”

Same for our team here at Drexel.  Never be defensive.  Never blame others.  Never have an excuse.  It’s ok to say HELP ME.  HELP ME.  HELP ME.   That will make you vunerable and everyone else around you stronger so you yourself can be stronger.



I’m not ok… but I’m working on it!





p.s. Lastly I was asked today from a friend and industry leader:

Joel, give me FIVE THINGS an Executive Leader MUST do EACH WEEK to energize their org like this! Give me FIVE…. NOW … FAST…. From your GUT!

My answer:








Many of you know I love sports.

I love also how it can easily relate to business and all aspects of life.

Recently I was having breakfast with a priest friend of mine, Father Mark, and asked him if sports were in heaven.  (These are our conversations.)   I asked because I loved sports.  Also sports is not a recent thing, or just within our culture.  It has been around and played in every culture on the planet as long as time has been tracked.  Lastly, since it’s kind of always been a thing and God created it all, maybe he did it for a reason.  I was worried however, since sports has defeats, and winning and losing, and struggles, that there would be no place for competition in heaven.  He assured me that he was positive there are sports in heaven.  So that would be cool.  I hope I can dunk.  A lot.  Anyways…

My point is we can learn a lot about life from sports.

Brad Stevens is the head basketball coach for a the Boston Celtics.   In a few years you will all know his name.  He has the best basketball mind on the planet (no offense Coach K)… here are some of his best quotes… so many of these quotes we can relate to our life… So many that I decided I wanted to share them with you.

Quotes from Brad Stevens (Think how these relate to your life.  Find ways to apply them.)

“Control what you can control; be great at controlling the controllables” he said. “Be reliable in doing your job every day, and part of that reliability is if there’s a ball on the ground and you are near it, you should dive. That’s your job.”’


  • “The moment coaches can stop coaching egos, roles, and agendas and can start coaching basketball, you have a great team” – Brad Stevens 
  • “Do your role as well as you possibly can and become a superstar in that role. Give it everything you got” – Brad Stevens 
  • “I think you recruit hard-playing guys. And if you’re a hard-playing guy and are around hard-playing guys, it’s contagious” – Brad Stevens 
  • “I don’t have the 5 positions anymore. It may be as simple as 3 positions now… you’re either a ball-handler, a wing or a big” – Brad Stevens 
  • “My door is always open to talk about playing time. But if you want to talk about playing time, be prepared for the truth” – Brad Stevens 
  • “We’re building a culture of accountability, trust, and togetherness. Entitlement will not be tolerated” – Brad Stevens 
  • “How good can we expect to be if our best player is not our best teammate” – Brad Stevens 
  • “You have a choice to make when you’re not playing. Either you’re invested and a great teammate, or your not” – Brad Stevens 
  • “If you don’t have accountability you will not improve” – Brad Stevens






I stumbled on this term.  And now am somewhat obsessed with it.  A term I’ve been trying to live for years.  To the point my life claims I have “no empathy” because she rarely if ever sees me stress or worried in troubled times.  It means to LOVE YOUR FATE in Latin.  Or essentially, no matter what “trust the process.”    In fact she even just told me that this weekend, “you have no empathy,” and I suppose she is quite right.  I struggle with that, and have to do better.  Just because I try (and I’m not perfect on it) in a AMOR FATI mindset, doesn’t mean others don’t need my love, support, and encouragement, and sometimes to mourn with them…however I always go back to AMOR FATI.

Fail Forward.

Fall 7, Rise 8!

Here’s a fantastic article explaining it more.

The Unfathomable Power of Amor Fati

— – Joel Fleischman.  Joel is Head Coach of the solution providers for Drexel Building Supply.  (drexelteam).   You can follow him on twitter:  @JoelmFleischman.   Our mission is to be a supplier of others happiness.  I hope this little post did just that.